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In order to do our part in reducing the carbon footprint of the festival weekend, we are strongly encouraging Parade contingents, sponsors, partners, and community members to consider marching in the annual Parade over the use of registering vehicles and floats. This eco-friendly approach is not only better for our environment but also allows us to celebrate the origins of Pride Toronto which started as a protest. Costumes, themed collectives, and creativity are highly encouraged.

Should registering a vehicle or float still be preferred, we are introducing new requirements and regulations that must be abided by in order to participate in the Parade. Vehicles must either be:

  • A. A certified e-powered vehicle.
  • B. A vehicle with a diesel engine that will exclusively use biodiesel/biofuel for the duration of the Parade (this includes arrival and departure).

If a vehicle is pulling a float, then the total length of the vehicle and the float combined must not exceed 34 feet.

Proof of compliance with the new regulations must be provided to Pride Toronto no later than June 9, 2024.

If you are interested in participating in the Pride Parade 2024, please review the Terms and Conditions.
If you are interested in participating but facing financial barriers, please contact us at parade@pridetoronto.com to see how you can participate in 2024.

Parade Pricing Guide

Permit Category M

Permit Types




Jan 17 to Mar 17


Mar 18 to May 3

Motorcycle Permit




Permit Types

Individual Permit – for individuals who do not have a group and would like to walk in the parade




Jan 17 to Mar 17


Mar 18 to May 3

Pay what 
you can

Pay what 
you can


Parade Terms and Conditions

1. General

1.1. The “Participant” is referred to as the individual, organization, contingent, or company partaking in the Pride Toronto Parade. The Participant is responsible for all associated individuals involved with their contingent in the Parade.

1.2. Each Participant must have a minimum of one (1) lead who will be responsible for following and communicating all rules and regulations to the Participant’s contingent and getting all relevant information to Pride Toronto as needed.

1.3. Pride Toronto’s Parade Terms and Conditions are applicable to all Participants wishing to partake in Pride Toronto’s Parade.

1.4. The Pride Parade does not have unlimited spaces. Registration will close on May 3rd, 2024 or once spaces are full.

1.5. Any violation of any of the Parade Terms and Conditions will affect the Participant’s continued involvement with Pride Toronto.

1.6. The Parade Terms and Conditions are intended to provide clarity on the rights and responsibilities of Pride Toronto and its Participants.

1.7. The Participant hereby declares policies upholding equal opportunity and non-discrimination have been adopted, by which discrimination on the grounds of Race, Ethnicity, Language, Colour, Creed, National Origin, Religious or Political affiliation, Sex, Age, Personal or Family Relationships, Disabilities, HIV/AIDS, Income Restrictions, Level of Literacy, Union Affiliation, Sexual Orientation, or Gender Identity/Expression is prohibited by the organization/business or individual. 

1.8. The Participant confirms that they are of the age of majority and have the authority to assume full responsibility for the behaviour of all persons participating in the contingent falling under this application. The Participant further agrees to comply with and enforce all of Pride Toronto’s Parade Terms and Conditions and applicable laws and regulations in connection with the event. 

1.9. Pride Toronto expects (and the contractual terms explicitly state) that the Participant and all their contingents agree to operate in a manner that is consistent with the celebration of Pride Toronto in the communities by respecting the rights of all members of the community to participate in the event; by not presenting images or behaving in a manner that promotes or may promote degradation, stereotypes, hatred, or violence toward any persons and groups; and by adopting and adhering to appropriate non-discrimination and equal opportunity policies as a Participant.

1.10. All Pride Month participation opportunities including but not limited to; StreetFair, Parade, Community Events, Advertising (web & guide) and all sponsor benefits are non-transferable. Only the logo/trademark of the organization/company that entered into a signed agreement and or written consent with Pride Toronto is permitted to be displayed in any of the opportunities listed above.

1.11. No Participants may display the Pride Toronto logo.

1.12. Pride Toronto retains the right to update or modify the Parade Terms and Conditions with written notice to Participants. Participants have three (3) business days to raise an issue with Pride Toronto about the modified terms and express interest in removal.

1.13. Pride Toronto retains the right to refuse any application without liability. Pride Toronto retains the right to cancel or modify Pride Toronto or Pride Toronto events at any time, in part or in full, without liability.

1.14. Parade monitors will be in all areas of the Parade to ensure all terms and conditions are being abided by. If any Participant is in violation of the Parade Terms and Conditions set forth in this document, Pride Toronto has the right to ask for Participant removal, financial fine/bond,  and has the right to deny future registrations from the Participant.

1.15. If any of the Participant’s contingents have a Criminal Record, the Participant must disclose that information to Pride Toronto staff during the registration process or as soon as they are made aware.

1.16. Each Parade Participant will be required to provide proof of liability insurance for a minimum of $2 million naming Pride Toronto as Additional Insured, effective June 30, 2024. An original certificate from your insurer and all other appropriate documents must be uploaded to your registration form no later than May 15, 2024.

2. Registration Information

2.1. All registrations must be received through Pride Toronto’s registration platform as advertised on Pride Toronto’s website.

2.2. The act of receiving an online registration shall not be deemed to impart or imply any obligation for Pride Toronto to accept any bid or registration. Upon Pride Toronto’s review of registration, the Participant will be notified electronically of their acceptance into the Pride 2024 Parade.

2.3. Registrations will be considered incomplete and permits will not be placed on hold if full payment is not made.

2.4. All Participants must meet category eligibility requirements as outlined in the online application. If requested by Pride Toronto, Participants must provide proof of qualification for the selected category. Should there be a dispute, Pride Toronto reserves the right to deny registration on the grounds of ineligibility or offer the Participant an opportunity to re-register under the appropriate category with payment of the appropriate fees. (Note: Pride Toronto will not reserve permits during a dispute or re-registration process).

2.5. Parade placement cannot be exchanged, shared, traded, or otherwise moved without the written permission of Pride Toronto. Pride Toronto will not guarantee that you will receive the location of your choice as indicated in your online registration. If your registration wishes to be near/beside another entry, both entries must indicate the request in their registration. Although not a guarantee, Pride Toronto will do our best to accommodate such requests. Pride Toronto furthermore reserves the right to change the Parade Placement of any Participant at any time.

2.6. All Charity/ Non-Profit registrants will be required to provide a charity or non-profit registration number.

2.7. Non-registered, unapproved groups will not be permitted to join the parade after May 3rd 2024.

2.8. Should a physical parade not be permitted for reasons beyond Pride Toronto’s control, contingents will be given the opportunity to work with Pride Toronto on an alternative Parade option. Should the contingent prefer not to be included, Pride Toronto will defer the application to the following year. Deferrals will only be relevant for 1 year after the date of issue. Please note that no refunds will be given under any circumstance.

2.8.1. Deferrals can only be applied to the original application and registered Participant. There will be no transfer of application from one organization to another when applying  a deferral. The deferral has to be used towards the original application and permit category. In the event a deferral is used for the following year’s Parade, the Participant  may choose a different permit type and will be subject to any additional fees associated with the new permit.

3. Logistics, Operations and Safety

3.1. There will be a mandatory information session for all Participants (or their delegate) to attend. This session will explain the parade route, ensure that all Participants are aware of all Parade Terms and Conditions, day-of logistics, and answer any questions Participants may have.

3.2. Participants will be given a separate arrival time for their marchers and vehicles. Vehicles should aim to arrive at the Staging Area as close to their scheduled time as possible; too early or too late can cause significant issues with parade order. Marchers should arrive at the Marching Area at their scheduled time; please do not instruct your marchers to arrive earlier than the indicated time, as this can cause issues in the waiting area, and may also result in your group waiting for several hours before marching.

3.3. Vehicles and marchers will line-up in different areas, which will be communicated to all Participants in the lead-up to the parade.

3.4. Individuals riding on the float must be on it before it leaves the staging area. No one will be permitted to board their vehicle at the parade start; this must be done in the vehicle holding area.

3.5. Once floats are in the holding area, participants are not allowed more than one vehicle in this area.  Participants should have all that’s necessary on the float before getting to the holding area.

3.6. All floats and marchers must proceed down the Parade at a steady pace. Please work to keep gaps between all groups as tight as possible.

3.7. Alcohol and all other controlled substances are not permitted on the parade route. Any individual, group, or float found with alcohol or prohibited substances will be removed immediately.

3.8. The Participant specifically agrees that Pride Toronto assumes no responsibility for damages to persons or property however caused, as a result of or pertaining to the participation and/or activities of the Participant.

3.9. The use of pyrotechnics, open flames, confetti, paper streamers, and water guns are strictly prohibited. Feathers attached to costumes are welcome, but should not be thrown or treated like confetti.

3.10. Masks, bodysuits and any other article that covers a Participant’s face are allowed. For safety reasons, all participants must be prepared and willing to show their faces to Pride Toronto Parade Organizers and Officials if requested.

3.11. Nothing is to be higher than 12 ft off of the ground.

3.12. Puppets, boats, and dragons (marionettes) that are carried by performers inside the body of the creation are permitted. Keep structures lightweight to avoid top-heaviness and balance problems, they can be no higher than 12 ft from the ground.

3.13. It is the responsibility of the Participants to be adequately prepared for Parade Day. It is recommended to provide food, water, and sunscreen for your Marchers.

3.14. The sale of any kind of goods or services to the crowd along the parade route is strictly prohibited.

3.15. Animals are not allowed in the Parade with the exception of certified service animals.

3.16. Parking will not be provided for any Participant. There is no personal parking available from Pride Toronto anywhere on the festival site. Participants must make their own parking and travel arrangements.

3.17. Separate delivery of materials to the holding areas of the Parade site is prohibited.

3.18. Pride Toronto does not supply tents, tables, extension cords, chairs or any supplies to Participants. Participants are responsible for bringing what they need. 

3.19. Garbage/recycling handling & removal standards must meet with the satisfaction of the City of Toronto and the Pride Toronto Parade Committee. You are responsible for ALL garbage removal. Pride Toronto and the City of Toronto provide garbage, recycling, and organics receptacles, and their use is strongly encouraged. Misuse of these receptacles or a failure to separate waste appropriately may jeopardize the Participants’ future participation in Pride festivals.

3.20. Participants may not use or distribute any excessive and wasteful, non-compostable or non-recyclable materials throughout the parade. This includes, but is not limited to plastic items, wax/plastic/foil coated paper, styrofoam, non-biodegradable containers, plastic bags etc. We strongly advise looking towards an alternative for plastic water bottles, but they will not be banned for the Parade.

3.21. All Participants are responsible for bringing their own water to the festival site. All water (including greywater) is the responsibility of the vendor participants to dispose of off-site.

3.22. Copyright release for performances or broadcasts is the sole responsibility of the Participant. Pride Toronto assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever.

3.23. If Participants choose to have live performers or music, please ensure that the artist and music chosen is reflective of the 2SLGBTQI+ community.

3.24. The Participant is fully responsible for ensuring that they comply with all Federal, Provincial and Municipal regulations (including, but not exclusively, noise, health, fire safety, etc.) which may apply to any aspect of the Participant’s participation.

3.25. The Participant is fully responsible for any claims, demands, injuries, damages, etc. by/to persons or property resulting from any actions or activities, omissions, statutory violations, or any kind of illegal or wrongful actions or activities of their doing. Infractions may require the revocation of the Participant’s permit without compensation.

3.26. For Participant Disputes please refer to the Dispute Resolution Process in Appendix A.

4. Float and Vehicle Regulations

4.1. Participants must purchase an option 3 Permit to be eligible for a Float/Vehicle.

4.2. The Participant must supply Pride Toronto with the vehicle license plate and name of the driver by June 12th, 2024.

4.3. The Participant agrees to build their float and or vehicle to the specifications listed on the Application Form as well as further down this document.

4.4. The Participant agrees that the vehicle selected to mobilize their float will meet the expectations set forth by Pride Toronto’s Green Initiative Guidelines during registration and all City of Toronto bylaws to ensure safety is upheld. This includes acquiring a vehicle that is certified e-powered vehicle, to use a diesel engine vehicle if the Participant agrees to exclusively use biodiesel with said vehicle for the duration of the Parade (this includes arrival and departure), or a vehicle that runs on any biofuel. Proof of compliance must be provided to Pride Toronto no later than June 12th, 2024.

4.5. Each float built on a flatbed truck over 8 ft long MUST have the rear wheels covered with wood panels. Floats must not be higher than 12 ft from the ground (to avoid live streetcar cables), cannot be longer than 40 ft, and cannot be wider than 9 ft (one traffic lane wide). Floats that go beyond either of these measurements will not be permitted to proceed down the parade route.

4.5.1. If a vehicle is pulling a float, then the total length of the vehicle and the float combined must not exceed 40 ft.

4.6. Participants with floats must have two designated turn marshals to march alongside the float to ensure the Participant’s marchers are directed away from the float during route turns. More information will be available at the Parade Information Session.

4.6.1. The names of these marshals should be indicated on the registration form by May 3rd, 2024.

4.7. Each person must have a solid object to hold onto while riding the float. Once the parade is underway, riders are NOT permitted to jump on or off of the float.

4.8. The Participant understands that the driver of any vehicle participating in the Parade or March must possess a valid Ontario Driver’s license in the class appropriate to the vehicle, and appropriate insurance available for presentation at all times on the day of the Parade and March. The Participant understands that any driver who is unable to produce a valid license or insurance will be removed from the Parade/March.

4.9. The Participant agrees that the driver of any vehicle must follow Ontario’s distracted driving laws. While driving, including when stopped or at a red light, it is illegal to: use a phone or other hand-held wireless communication device to text or dial – you can only touch a device to call 911 in an emergency, use a hand-held electronic entertainment device, such as a tablet or portable gaming console view display screens unrelated to driving, such as watching a video program a GPS device, except by voice commands.

4.10. The Participant agrees that the driver of any vehicle must not act as the Participants’s DJ in accordance with Ontario’s distracted driving laws.

4.11. Any drivers found to be intoxicated or with controlled substances or alcohol on their persons or in their vehicles will be removed from the Parade and March.

4.12. The Participant agrees that all drivers of motorcycles, or any other vehicle that requires such protective gear, must wear the appropriate riding gear, including helmets and seatbelts while riding their vehicles.

4.13. The Participant will comply with the rules and regulations of the holding area and acknowledge that the holding area is not a building area. Floats are to arrive ready-made with only final touches being applied within the holding area. Floats and Vehicles are not permitted to idle unless they absolutely need to for a brief moment.

4.14. During the designated float staging time, Participants must keep music at a reasonable level and may be required to turn down the volume to help the Pride Toronto team organize and communicate effectively to all floats. Once the floats leave the staging time, music can resume.

4.15. The Participant acknowledges and is responsible for ensuring that all floats have a dry chemical fire extinguisher and a basic first aid kit on board. We highly recommend that you also bring an emergency repair kit with tape, glue, wire, fuses, tools, etc.

4.16. The Participant acknowledges that upon completion of the parade route floats will be ushered into an immediate de-staging area where they will be dismantled to road-ready* form within 10 minutes. *Road-ready vehicles are vehicles deemed to be safe on public roads in accordance with the Highway Traffic Act.

4.17. Each vehicle and float must know the contact information for a towing company appropriate its size in case of Parade Day breakdowns. The Participant is responsible for the cost of towing in the event the Participant needs to be towed.

5. Sampling Regulations

5.1. Participants must purchase an Option 2 or Option 3 permit to be eligible for sampling.

5.2. The quantity of items sampled is limited to 10,000 and the nature of the items must be pre-approved by Pride Toronto. Inquiries with respect to the submission of items for approval can be sent to parade@pridetoronto.com.

5.2.1. Sponsors of Pride Toronto’s festival may be exempt from the sampling permit policy, subject to signed contractual arrangements.