Pride Toronto is a volunteer driven organization. We have 150 year-round volunteers and 1600 weekend volunteers who each play an important part in running all aspects of the festival.

Our year-round volunteer Team Members and Team Leads are divided into 28 teams, each with their own focus. Team Leads/Members commit 2-5 hours a week, increasing as we get closer to the festival to support Pride Toronto and its community, festival logistics, volunteer management, and communications needs.

Our weekend volunteers, who work during the main festival weekend, help make Pride happen across the festival site. Weekend volunteers commit to at least 2 four-hour shifts, and are able to experience multiple aspects of the festival. Volunteering allows a unique way to experience the festivities! Our diverse, dynamic teams provide great practical experience, a chance to meet new people, and allow our volunteers to give back to our communities.

For year-round volunteering, send your resume to [email protected]. Volunteer opportunities for the main festival weekend will be posted in early Spring 2017.

Types of Roles

Pride Toronto offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities; we are constantly looking for new individuals with diverse skill sets and a positive energy to join our team!


Calling all problem solvers! Our logistics teams set up the infrastructure of the festival, check in volunteers, help with public safety, and set up our community fair.

Crowd Engagement

Are you calm under pressure? Our parade, marches, welcome centres, and donations stations need you!

Quiet Cultural Events

Are you a people person? Come join our Accessibility Team, Family Pride, the Human Rights Conference, or Clean, Sober, and Proud!

Why Volunteer with Pride Toronto?

A variety of roles to choose from

A great way to meet people

Help support the Festival you love

Learn and develop new skills

The Volunteer Award for Arts and Culture in Toronto (V.A.A.C.T.)

This program strives to recognize volunteers who contribute their time to multiple arts and culture organizations throughout the year in the city of Toronto. The program ends each year with an awards ceremony scheduled around International Volunteer Day.

Get Involved

Volunteers must complete the minimum volunteer requirements with at least three of the cultural organizations listed below. For details on each organization’s requirements, please visit their website:

  • Pride Toronto
  • The City of Toronto
  • Hot Docs
  • Toronto International Film Festival
  • Luminato
  • The Fringe Festival
  • imagineNATIVE

Pride Toronto V.A.A.C.T. Requirements

Minimum of two (2) shifts or eight (8) hours. Following the 2016 festival, individuals who have expressed interest will receive a confirmation email from each organization they have successfully completed the requirements with.

Volunteer Opportunities

Accessibility Team Lead – Volunteer Role

The Accessibility Team works alongside Pride Toronto works to ensure that the activities do not exclude any person due to unnecessary visible or invisible barriers. This Team also works to facilitate the participation of persons who use wheelchairs/scooters/other assistive devices, who are sight impaired, who require ASL, who use the assistance of working animals, who require attendant care, or people with other disabilities. The Accessibility Team will liaise with the Office Manager to determine ASL bookings and team responsibilities.

Affiliate Events Team Lead – Volunteer Role

The Affiliate Events Team Lead is responsible for managing all official Affiliate Events during the Pride Month. The Affiliate Events Team outreaches, reviews, approves and works with community organizations, business and other groups wishing to host an event during Pride Month and makes sure all official affiliate event policies are followed. Pride Toronto may offer marketing and publicity to these events through our Pride Guide and website in exchange for a fee. The Affiliate Events Team works in conjunction with the Communications Manager to partner with cultural organizations in Toronto through the Major Cultural Partners Program.

Beverage Garden Manager – Volunteer Role

There are five Beverage Garden Manager Team Leads, each BGM manages on-site operations, operational set-up and management for one Pride Toronto’s beverage gardens: Yonge-Dundas, South Stage, Wellesley Stage, Central Stage and the Ryerson Quad. Beverage gardens are operational only during the main festival weekend and Beverage Garden Managers must be on-site at all operating hours. The Manager is the acting liaison between Pride Toronto and the supplier hired to sell and serve alcoholic product.

Community Health Advisor Team Lead – Volunteer Role

The Community Health Advisor works to create and maintain meaningful relationships with community-friendly health organizations within the GTA. The Advisor conducts constructive dialogues with the organizations to create long-lasting partnerships that exist within Pride Toronto’s mandate and festival. The Advisor will maintain a list of contacts and services offered by organizations in order to promote them appropriately within the community. During the festival, the Advisor will assist in creating an inclusive environment for the health organizations to facilitate their messaging. The Community Health Advisor will report to the Direction of Operations and Volunteer Program Manager for additional support, resources and assistance in areas of conflict.

Donations Team Lead – Volunteer Role

The Donations Team works to manage and run the Donation Stations during the weekend of the Festival. The Donation Stations are the on-site mobile campaigns to raise funds through the sale of stickers and donations.

Dyke March Team Lead – Volunteer Role

The Dyke March Team organizes and leads the Dyke March, which is a participatory, political, visible, and safe community-driven event within Toronto’s Pride Week. This initiative strives to empower, inspire and celebrate women’s’ and trans’ communities. The Dyke March has deep community grass roots and although a Pride Toronto event, maintains a unique culture and voice.

Family Pride Team Lead – Volunteer Role

The Family Pride Team organizes the Family Pride area at the Pride Festival. This Team programs children’s entertainment, facilitates activities and works with community groups and sponsors to create a child-friendly area for children, parents and their caregivers during the weekend of Pride.

International Grand Marshal Team Lead – Volunteer Role

The International Grand Marshall (IGM) Team presents possible candidates for appointment as the International Grand Marshall for the Pride festival that year. The team works closely with the Executive Director and Communications Manager to plan and develop a campaign to promote the IGM and a schedule of events. The team is responsible for assisting in the IGM’s travel and hospitality arrangements, as well as facilitating their agreement. The team acts as the liaison with community groups on the appearance of the IGM for events and functions during the festival.

Media Relations Team Lead – Volunteer Role

The Media Relations Team is focused on the communication with external media, through pitching and the accreditation and registration process for media interested in covering Pride, Press Conferences and Affiliate Events. Leading up to the Festival in conjunction with staff this Team will research and recommend viable media outlets, facilitate a workshop in conjunction with the Communications and Social Media Team Leads to pitch and be the point of contact to the media during Pride.

Pride Partners Team Lead – Volunteer Role

The Pride Partners is a consultant for the Director of Development. Pride Partners are businesses and restaurant/bar establishments seeking an extension to the hours of service of alcohol. Partners also receive tailored advertising and marketing benefits through their partnership. The Team Lead is tasked with renewing previous year partnerships while identifying and soliciting new partnerships. The advisor will be tasked with reaching a financial target set by the Director of Development.

Research Team Lead – Volunteer Role

The Research Team works to collect and manage Pride Toronto’s information needs to create the Economic Impact Study. This study is geared towards enhancing attendee satisfaction by collecting statistically relevant information from Pride attendees. This team also works to collect separate survey information to complete Pride’s annual Attendee Satisfaction Survey.

Trans* Pride Team Lead – Volunteer Role

The Trans* Pride Team organizes and leads the Trans* Pride March, assists and facilities the Trans* Space within the community street fair, and organizes the Trans* Community Fair. Each of these are participatory, political, visible, safe, community- driven events within Pride Toronto’s festival. The goal of the Trans* Pride team is to empower, inspire and celebrate Trans*’ communities.

Weekend Volunteer Team Lead – Volunteer Role

The Weekend Volunteer Team recruits and organizes the 500-1000 volunteers that fill approximately 1500 volunteer shifts that are required to staff Pride Week. Under the direction of the Volunteer Program Manager, the Team oversees the recruitment and outreach strategies for weekend volunteers. They will organize and manage the volunteer orientation sessions, complete volunteer documentation, hourly tracking, record keeping, communication and appreciation as it relates to the volunteers.

Volunteers at the intersection of Church and Alexander during the streetfair
Group of volunteers at a table