From the corner of Church St and Bloor St all the way down Yonge St to Yonge-Dundas Square, tell your stories to a crowd of over 1 million festival-goers and many more watching at home through art direction, costume design, choreography, music and special effects. Go glitz & glam. Be colourful and creative. Go big. And have fun!

Pride Toronto expects everyone to behave with openness, respect, and support. After all, the Pride Parade is not only about Pride in Toronto’s LGBTTIQQ2SA community, but celebrating diversity and the variety of life in Toronto while respecting differences amongst its citizens and visitors, and creating an inclusive experience for all.

Please read all documents carefully to ensure you’re registering for the correct category, and that you understand all the requirements of participating in the Pride Parade.

If you have questions please contact the Parade Team at [email protected].

Check out photos from our 2017 Pride Parade here!

Category A

This category is reserved for community groups who do not have a non-profit or charity registration number.

Category B

This permit covers registered charities and non-profits; government departments and organizations; political groups and organizations; student groups; and unions with a membership under 25,000 members.

Category C

This category is for unions with a membership greater than 25,000 members.

Category D

This category covers for-profit enterprises with 2 or fewer retail outlets, physical shops, or franchises, within Canada only.

Category E

This category is for businesses with more than 2 franchises or outlets, or for businesses with a presence outside of Canada. This permit covers all marching, vehicle, and sampling permits.

Please contact [email protected] before registering for this category.

Permit Details

Marching Permit

For walking/marching groups of up to 100 people (more than 100 people will need to contact the Parade Team at [email protected]). This permit is for pedestrians ONLY; no vehicles of any kind are permitted under this permit type. Groups may hold both a marching permit and a vehicle permit.

Vehicle Permit

This permit is required for any groups intending to have a float in the Pride Parade. Participants are responsible for obtaining their own vehicle; all vehicles must have valid insurance and be driven by a licensed driver. Throwing promotional materials from vehicles is completely prohibited. May be held in conjunction with a marching permit.

Sampling Permit

A sampling permit is required for any groups wishing to distribute materials along the parade route. This permit must be purchased in conjunction with a marching permit as throwing items from vehicles is prohibited. All items distributed must bear only the logo of the group distributing them; no corporate sponsorship of any kind is permitted.