Press Release: May 1, 2021

Pride Toronto Announces Internal Organizational Audit

Including over 70 individual events showcasing more than 130 2SLGBTQ+ artists, 14 party collectives, and seven community committee programs. The full month of programming will begin on June 1, concluding with two Festival Weekends on June 18-19-20 and June 25-26-27.

Centred around community, education, and of course, celebration; Scroll through the full Festival lineup online at to find events important to you.

Why Join Pride Toronto?

STORRY Juno nominated artist for Adult Contemporary album of the year, STORRY is a seasoned artist trained in classical music who performs Mozart arias with as much confidence as hip hop, R&B, and gospel.

TRP.P (pronounced “trippy”) is an R&B duo hailing from Toronto, Canada. Comprised of Truss (producer, singer/songwriter) and Phoenix Pagliacci (singer/ songwriter), the two had already begun their solo careers when they met in the Fall of 2015. Two years later, they had released their self-titled debut EP.

Tynomi Banks of Canada’s Drag Race With over a decade of experience, Tynomi Banks is a world-class Drag Entertainer. Recognized best for her full production performances, Banks dominates a stage while radiating a powerful, but playful energy.

Shi Wisdom Shi Wisdom is a Black, Bi-sexual, singer-songwriter, musician, vocal coach & music mentor hailing from Toronto’s west end. Her music, a fusion of R&B, Soul & Hip Hop, with hints of Folk & a Caribbean flare, is unique to her sound.

Special EventsPride Toronto will be hosting special events throughout June on digital platforms.

Flag Raising – June 1 // Hosted by The City of Toronto, Followed by a celebration Presented By OLG. / Pride Month will begin with Mayor John Tory proclaiming June as Pride Month and the virtual raising of the Trans and Rainbow Flags.

Timeless: Fundraising Dinner – June 2 // Presented by Bud Light /
A truly phygital fundraising kick-off event for Pride Month festivities! Join us at Cabana Pool Bar (pending City lockdown regulations being lifted) for a seated dinner and screening of Timeless: our Pride Month Kick-off event. Come with your bubble, complete COVID protocols will be in effect. Tickets available now. Hosted by Damnit Maurie from The Roz & Mocha Show on KiSS 92.5 With Storry

Timeless: Pride Month Kickoff – June 2 // Presented by Bud Light /
Watch online! The kick-off for Pride Month festivities! Pride Toronto is celebrating its 40th year serving the 2SLGBTQ+ community. We’re calling on our community of the past 40 years to come party with us at this Studio 54 inspired virtual showcase. With Storry

Anti-Oppression Trainings – June 4 // Anti-Asian racism and oppression workshop hosted by Alliance for South Asian Aids Prevention (ASAAP). – June 11 // Challenging Fatphobia – Workshop Hosted by Pride Toronto with guests from Body Confidence Canada

BIPOC Healing Circle – June 8 // A contained and safer space for BIPOC 2SLGBTQ+ community members to share, heal and expand with one another.

Courageous Conversations: Youth Conference – June 13 // Presented by Maple Leaf Foods/
An opportunity for 2SLGBTQ+ youth to gather, and be equipped with the knowledge and actionables that they can take back to their schools to create change. Focuses at this conference will be on self-care in leadership, imagining a Queer future and building an anti-Racist society. Hosted by the LGBT YouthLine.

Live Podcast Recording – June 15// Presented by Deloitte /
Pride Toronto’s Black Queer and Trans Excellence podcast is a space to honour and celebrate the Black experience through the lens of Toronto’s LGBT2Q+ Black community with honest conversations and embracing Black joy.

Indigenous People’s Day Showcase – June 21// The Indigenous People’s Day showcase will feature a circle discussion led by Elder Blu Waters with 2S & Indigiqueer leaders from 2-Spirited People of the 1st Nations Leadership Building Initiative – Kiley May, and Shane Lyon. As well as traditional Anishinaabe singing from Kiyana Johnston and Anishinaabe dancing from Nenookaasi.

Weekly ProgramingPride
Toronto will be hosting weekly segments across digital platforms.
This programming focuses on community engagement and light at-home entertainment.

Queer Shopping Channel // Presented by TSC /An unboxing of various items available in our online vendor market. Watch Mango D’Licious reveal products and support our local 2SLGBTQ+ makers!

Beauty In Our History // Presented by TD Ready Commitment / A celebration of the history of our diverse communities. Learn about American Sign Language, Indigenous traditions, Black and POC cultures in this four-part IGTV series.

Wellness Wednesdays // Presented by Sportsnet / Metrolinx / City TV / Bromwich & Smith /Let’s take a few minutes to check in! Have you been moving your body? Do you know how to meditate and get centred? Join us on wellness Wednesday for your weekly self-care checkpoint.

Weekly Activities // Presented by CPA / Deloitte / Manulife /Pride Toronto invites you to attend an engaging activity night to connect with fellow community members and have some virtual fun. With new activities happening each week there is fun for everyone!

Human Rights Panels // Presented by 680 News / YouTubeThe Human Rights Panels are a crucial part of Pride Toronto’s annual programming allowing participants the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue. Join us this year for a series of conversations.

Talk and Play! In Studio With // Presented by Kiss FM /Your host Sydanie steps into the studio with some of Toronto’s hottest collectives. Learn their back story in an interview-style show followed by a performance where they show you what they do best.

Sex Talks // Presented by Trojan /Your weekly dose of sexual health info sessions from an intersectional lens, where 2SLGBT2Q+ sex and relationship therapists from varying communities dive into all things sex.

Sipz & Snax // Presented by Smirnoff /Feeling thirsty? Well, get your cocktail (or mocktail) kit ready! Each week a new 2SLGBTQ+ mixologist or chef will walk you through a delicious drink and snack pairing.

Community Programming
Our community committees, curators and party collectives have put together a number of exciting and engaging celebrations for you to join. This programming is by you, and for you.

2Spirt Pride – June 18 // A celebration of 2Spirit peoples and their incredible contributions to the 2SLGBTQ+ community. Join us for a celebration by and for 2Spirit community members.

Sober Pride – June 19 // Join us as we celebrate milestones in sobriety, honour our community and create a safer space for sober 2SLGBTQ+ community members. There is beauty in sobriety!

Bi+ Pride – June 19 // Biphoria! A Celebration of Beautiful Attractions” is an hour-long virtual event in celebration of our beautiful Bi+ community. Join us for an eclectic mix of performances as we toast to everyone who “likes the wine, not the label”. (Bi+ encompasses all non-monosexual identities, including bisexual, biromantic, pansexual, panromantic, omnisexual, polysexual, fluid and queer)

Senior Pride – June 20 // A chance to celebrate all self-identified Seniors, in a virtual setting where we can pay homage to the many years of commemorating the 2SLGBTQ+ Community and provide a space to reflect on the specific concerns, victories, and characteristics of 2SLGBTQ+ Seniors in Toronto.

Family Pride – June 20 // Presented by Maple Leaf Foods / Celebrate the strength and uniqueness of 2SLGBTQ+ families and children. We are honoured to be bringing our community families together for 21 years! Although we cannot gather like we are used to in the school playground, join us online for a fun-packed hour of online entertainment.

Trans Pride – June 25 // Toronto’s Trans Rally and March are officially one of the largest, most exciting Pride events in the world, centred around trans and non-binary folks. We are celebrating in a virtual space for an hour of speakers and performers and community engagement.

Dyke March – June 26 // Join us virtually and hosts an online grassroots political demonstration with critical mass. The Toronto Dyke March has been a landmark of Pride Month for many years and will remain as resilient as ever with a host of performers, speakers, and community activists.

Pride 2021 Festival Weekends
With so much amazing talent we have expanded to two weekends.

Yalla Barra – June 18 // Words that for many middle easterners mean two things. “Get Out”. These words speak true to the lived experiences of many Middle Eastern folks and also for living your best life.

Burlesque Hour – June 18 // Toronto’s burlesque community is a shimmering and tassel twirling world of talented performers. Tune in to watch this vibrant lineup of entertainers show us what the burlesque scene is all about.

Bitch Craft – June 18 // Bitchcraft is a party series for the bad bitches and brujas, the witchy and unholy. Featuring DJs, burlesque, and drag performers.

Opening Weekend Ceremony: Back To The ‘80s – June 18 // Presented by Fido / Celebrating the 80’s with DJ Donovan taking us on a musical journey. A host of A-list 2SLGBTQ+ performers ready to entertain and take us BACK TO THE ’80s for our festival weekend kick-off. With TRP.P

Pride Live – June 19 & 26 // Presented by Fido/ Toronto has an incredible scene of 2SLGBT2Q+ vocalists, musicians and performers. In this one-hour much music video-style production we showcase some of Toronto’s top live talent.

Lavender – June 19 // Presented by Fido / Lavender is a staple party in Toronto’s village for LGBTQ+ women and people of all marginalized genders, voted Silver in NOW’S 2020 Readers Choice Awards for “Best Online Party Series”.

Strapped – June 19 // Presented by Bud Light Seltzer / Strapped is Toronto’s sexiest queer party. To celebrate pride this year we are going back to reminisce on the good times and everything that has carried us through 2020. Strapped Presents “Flashback”.

New Ho Queen Presents: NHTV Pride – June 19 // NHTV contains premium Asian material, strong language and sex-positive content which may be suitable if you aren’t queerphobic or a racist. We are here to spread Queer Asian Love!

ASL Youth – June 20 // A showcase of d/Deaf youth ASL artists and performers.

Bloom– June 20 // Presented by CHFI / The 6ix is home to migrating and transient 2SLGBTQIA+ artists flourishing, elevating, and rising in their creative practice through performance storytelling. Bloom Stage is a space for youth, emerging, and new artists craving a space to bloom into the abundant Queer community of Toronto and share themselves in a creative prideful way!

BQC Toronto Presents: My Black Is Essential – June 20 // A showcase celebrating some Black Queer and Trans Youth in our community.

F*ck Shit Up! A Trans and Non- Binary Cabaret – June 25 // Drag, burlesque, music and more, produced and hosted by Babia Majora and Fluffy Soufflé.

brOWN//out – June 25 // A mixtape of adventures. brOWN//out is a community space for south Asian queer and trans artists.

Catalyst – June 25 // Catalyst is a Virtual Two-Spirit and Indigiqueer Variety Show showcasing contemporary Indigenous storytelling, art and performance.

Yes Yes Y’all – June 25 // One of Toronto’s most inclusive Queer bashment parties around, a solidified Toronto institution, with a heavy emphasis on Hip Hop, R&B, Dancehall and Soca.

ASL Programming – June 26 // A celebration of our Queer d/Deaf ASL artists.

Alternaqueer: Bathhouse and Body Works – June 26 // Come jump in our dirty pool full of alternative drag and queer performers.

Drag Ball – June 26 // Presented by TD Ready Commitment / Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most ferocious of them all? Tune and decide for yourself!

Yohomo – June 26 //Presented by OLG / Yohomo celebrates 40 years of Pride with music, dancing, performance, projections and … just being queer.

Closing Ceremony: Revolution – June 27 // Presented by OLG / The Revolution has not been streamed. Looking back at the ’90s through music, poetry and dance. Using what we have learned to move up into the future and to bring us one step closer to ending the BIPOC and 2SLGBTQ+ struggles we all faced. With Tynomi Banks and Shi Wisdom

Blockorama 23: Black is Love – June 27 // Presented by Bud Light Seltzer / Blackness Yes! has a 23-year history organizing Blockorama, the largest and longest-running stage at Pride Toronto’s annual festival. Blockorama has a vibrant history that celebrates local Black performers and spotlights a focus on Black Love, self-care, harm reduction, and community.

Virtual StreetFair – Launching Online // June 2021

Pride Toronto has always been honoured and grateful to call the Church-Wellesley Village home. This year, to continue keeping everyone safe, Pride Toronto is excited to announce the future launch of the first-ever Virtual StreetFair!

Expanding on our Vendor Portal from last year, get excited for an interactive, and expanded curated list of local 2SLGBTQ+ vendors, community services, and businesses. An online version of everyone you’d expect and get excited to see down Church St. in the annual StreetFair. For information on how to participate please email

Quotes from Organizers

“All credit for what we promise to be an amazing year has to go to the hard-working and amazing curators of the programming team. You will see their commitment to promoting Arts and Culture with the amazing lineup that is in store for you. There will be something for everyone to enjoy so make sure to mark your calendar. Don’t let someone tell you, see it yourself.”– Sherwin Modeste, Executive Director of Pride Toronto

“This year, Pride Toronto is celebrating our 40th Anniversary during another difficult period, over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2SLGBTQ+ communities continue to be among the most vulnerable in Canada and hardest hit during the pandemic, especially Indigenous and racialized people. Facing significant discrimination in all areas of life, barriers to accessing healthcare and mental health services, and higher rates of homelessness, poverty, and social isolation — one thing is evident, our community needs ongoing support now more than ever.

Pride Toronto is supporting this work by prioritizing community-focused programming, amplifying local advocacy, and elevating the most marginalized voices in our community. We are thankful for the ongoing work, commitment, and support of staff, volunteers, members, sponsors, and the 2SLGBTQ+ community. We look forward to celebrating the 2021 Pride Toronto Festival and our 40th Anniversary with you!”– Pride Toronto Board of Directors.

“As a long-standing sponsor of Pride Toronto, we are proud to support their 2021 virtual programming through the TD Ready Commitment, the Bank’s global corporate citizenship platform. Each year, Pride is an opportunity to celebrate how far we’ve come as a society, but also reminds us that there’s still much work left to do alongside LGBTQ2+ communities. In the months and years ahead, as we navigate through this pandemic, we remain committed to supporting members of LGBTQ2+ communities and pushing progress forward to help open doors to a more inclusive tomorrow.”– Naki Osutei, Associate Vice President, Social Impact (Canada), TD Bank Group.

Pride 2021 Donor Chart

Thank you to all of our entertainers, curators, sponsors, volunteers, business partners, community leaders, event, and festival participants who make Pride Toronto possible. We look forward to celebrating with you throughout June. Happy Pride!

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