Early bird registrations for Pride 2019 Streetfair are now open!

Spaces are limited and demand is high, so get in now to be one of the many Marketplace, Community Fair, and Food vendors lining the streets of the festival site.

Please read the Category Descriptions and Terms & Conditions carefully to ensure that you’re registering in the correct category. We are launching a new registration system this year, and each applicant will need to create a new account by selecting “Register”. Once you set up an account, going forward you will simply select “Log In”. Once you begin the registration process, it is understood that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions made available to you here on our Streetfair information page.

All food vendors must provide proof of Food Handler Certificate accepted by the City of Toronto Public Health, and complete Temporary Food Establishment Application for Pride Toronto to submit to the City of Toronto Public Health.

Questions? Email the Streetfair Team at [email protected].

Food Vendors are sold out. Please email [email protected] to be put on the waitlist. 

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Check out photos from our 2017 Streetfair here!

**Cancellations requests for a booth application are subject to a 20% processing fee for requests received up to and including March 30th 2019. No refunds will be extended toward any  cancellation requests received after March 30th 2019.**

Pricing Guide
General Terms and Conditions
Marketplace / Food Terms and Conditions
Community Fair Terms and Conditions
Trojan Condom Request Form

Trojan will make every effort to satisfy the needs of those organizations that have typically handed out condoms. The number of condoms provided will be based on the number of requests received.

Streetfair Permit Categories

Pride Toronto’s Streetfair is broken up into three main categories: Community Fair, Marketplace and Food Vendors.  Prospective participants should familiarize themselves with the categories, below, and register themselves for the one that most closely matches their business activities. If you need help making this decision, kindly email [email protected] for more information.

Community Fair

Community Fair booths are open to community groups, registered charities and non-profits, trade unions, government agencies and departments, political parties, and student groups. Community Fair participants are not permitted to sell anything at their booths, and may not display the logos of any organization other than their own.



Marketplace booths are open to for-profit enterprises and organizations who wish to sell items at the Streetfair. These vendors are only permitted to sell the items listed in their application; they cannot sell food, beverages, or anything with the Pride logo. Marketplace vendors are further subdivided into sub-categories. Please read the descriptions below to ensure you are registering in the correct category.


Food Vendor

Food vendors sell food and beverages at their booths. Applicants will be approved based on a combination of first-come/first-served and curatorial decisions to ensure a wide variety of food across the festival site. Food vendors are further subdivided into sub-categories. Please read the descriptions below to ensure you are registering in the correct category.

Food Vendors are sold out. Please email [email protected] to be put on the waitlist. 

Marketplace Category Descriptions

Artisan/Craft Maker

This category is intended to highlight for small, local, independent artisans. All items sold must have been entirely hand crafted by the vendor themselves, and unavailable for purchase at a physical outlet. May include artists with independent websites, dependent on size and distribution, subject to the discretion of Pride Toronto.


Registered for-profit business with 2 or fewer physical stores/ retail outlets/ franchise/ online outlets in Canada only.

Independent Commercial

Businesses whose products are not handmade, but do not have a physical retail outlet. Also includes artisans whose work is available for purchase at physical outlets or a dedicated online space with national or international distribution, subject to the discretion of Pride Toronto.

National/International Corporate/Sponsor

Businesses with more than 2 physical outlets or presence outside of Canada. Must contact [email protected] before registering.


Open to all categories; permits the holder to hand out branded samples of non-edible products throughout the festival site. Must contact [email protected] before registering.

Food Vendor Category Descriptions

Food Booth

Vendors must contain their entire operations within a 10×10 footprint, including all storage, serving, and cooking surfaces.

Food Truck

Trucks must fit entirely within a 10×30 area. All elements of storage, cooking, and serving must be contained within the truck.