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  1. General
  2. Application Information
  3. Logistics, Operations and Safety
  4. Accessibility
  5. Marketing and Logo Use
  6. Pride Toronto’s Commitment to Volunteers
  7. Responsiblities of a Volunteers
  8. All Volunteers have the right
  9. The Agreement

Volunteer Terms and Conditions

1. General

  1. A “Volunteer” is referred to as the individual looking to participate at Pride Toronto in a non-paid position.
  2.  Pride Toronto’s Volunteer Terms and Conditions are applicable to all Volunteers wishing to participate in Pride Toronto.
  3. Pride Toronto does not have unlimited volunteer spaces. Once spaces are full, registration will close.
  4. Any violation of any of the conditions within this document will affect the Volunteers continued participation with Pride Toronto.
  5. The Terms and Conditions are intended to provide clarity on the rights and responsibilities of Pride Toronto and Volunteers.
  6. Pride Toronto hereby declares policies upholding equal opportunity and nondiscrimination have been adopted, by which discrimination on the grounds of Race, Ethnicity, Language, Colour, Creed, National Origin, Religious or Political affiliation, Sex, Age, Personal or Family Relationships, Disabilities, HIV/AIDS, Income Restrictions, Union Affiliation, Sexual Orientation, or Gender Identity/Expression is prohibited by the organization/business or individual.
  7. Pride Toronto expects (and the contractual terms explicitly state) that the Volunteer and all their affiliates agree to operate in a manner that is consistent with the celebration of Pride in the communities by respecting the rights of all members of the community to participate in the event; by not presenting images or behaving in a manner that promotes or may promote degradation, stereotypes, hatred, or violence toward any persons and groups; and by adopting and adhering to appropriate non-discrimination and equal opportunity policies as an organization.
  8. Pride Toronto retains the right to update or modify the Volunteer Terms and Conditions with written notice to Volunteers. Volunteers have three (3) business days to raise an issue with Pride Toronto about the modified terms and express interest in removal.
  9. If any Volunteer is in violation of the Volunteer Terms and Conditions set forth in this document, Pride Toronto has the right to ask for Volunteer removal and has the right to deny future applications from the Volunteer.

2. Application Information

  1. All applications must be received through Pride Toronto’s registration platform as advertised on Pride Toronto’s website.
  2. The act of receiving an online application shall not be deemed to impart or imply any obligation for Pride Toronto to accept any application. Upon Pride Toronto’s approval of an application, the successful applicant – the Volunteer – will be notified electronically of their acceptance into the Pride Toronto 2022 Festival.
  3. Pride Toronto retains the right to refuse any application without liability. Pride Toronto retains the right to cancel or modify Pride or Pride events at any time, in part or in full, without liability.

3. Logistics, Operations and Safety

  1. There will be a mandatory information session for all Volunteers to attend. This session will explain the Festival, ensure that all Volunteers are aware of all Volunteer Terms and Conditions, day-of logistics, and answer any questions Volunteers may have.
  2. Parking will not be provided for any Volunteer. There is no personal parking available from Pride Toronto anywhere on the festival site. Volunteers must make their own parking and travel arrangements.
  3. The Volunteer is fully responsible for ensuring that they comply with all Federal, Provincial and Municipal regulations which may apply to any aspect of the Volunteers participation.
  4. If a Volunteer witnesses feels unsafe or witness unsafe activities, they are to report them directly to the Volunteer Coordinator
  5. At the Volunteers are only permitted to wear their Pride Toronto Branded Shirts, Volunteer Vests, or Volunteer badge when they are on shift

4. Accessibility

  1. If you have accessibility needs please contact us at volunteer@pridetoronto.com.

5. Marketing and Logo Use

  1. No Volunteer may display the Pride Toronto logos other than on official Pride Toronto Merchandise.
  2. The Volunteer will not present any messages – verbal, written, in imagery or otherwise that promotes or condones violence or the incitement of hatred as defined in the Criminal Code of Canada and the City of Toronto’s Anti-Discrimination Policy or go against Pride Toronto’s Mission, Vision and Values.

6. Pride Toronto’s Commitment to Volunteers

  1. To provide adequate information, training, and assistance for each Volunteer to be able to meet the responsibilities of their volunteer role(s). Volunteers will be trained on:
    1. The organization’s vision, mission and values
    2. Overview of programs and services at Pride Toronto
    3. Policies and procedures relevant to their Volunteer position
    4. The Standards of the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement
    5. Overview of yearly knowledge sharing sessions
  2. To respect the skills, dignity and individual needs of each Volunteer and to do our best to adjust to these individual requirements.
  3. To be receptive to any comments about the experience of Volunteers regarding ways in which we might mutually better accomplish our respective tasks.
  4. To clearly identify a supervisor to report to/receive help from.
  5. Confidentiality regarding Volunteer names and contact information will only be shared with those working for Pride Toronto as appropriate.

7. Responsibilities of Volunteers

  1. Work in unison with fellow Volunteers, Staff Members, Students, Interns and Board Members
  2. Successful completion of all tasks assigned, from either Staff Liaison or Volunteer Captain
  3. Mandatory attendance of Pride Toronto events, meetings and trainings:
    1. 2SLGBTQ+ Training
    2. Pride Toronto 101 Training
    3. Feminism 101
    4. Anti-Black Racism and Anti-Oppressions Training
    5.  Accessibility Training
    6. Festival Logistics Training
    7. Festival Site Walk (when necessary)
    8. Debrief Sessions
    9. Other meetings and events as deemed necessary
  4. To read and be supportive of Pride Toronto’s Mission, Vision & Values.
  5. To keep all information and records of the organization and of Volunteer and paid staff information confidential.
  6. To treat all Volunteers, Staff and participants at Pride Toronto events with respect.
  7. Volunteers will at all times strive to perform Volunteer services in a safe, conscientious and courteous manner so as to cause no injury or distress to themselves or others.
  8. To perform duties to the best of their ability.
  9. To arrive at Volunteer Headquarters on time, to complete the full  duration of their shift, and to check-out at Volunteer Headquarters at the end of every shift.
  10. To recognize that they represent the organization and therefore need to act in an appropriate manner.
  11. To not perform their duties under the influence of alcohol or non prescription substances.
  12. Under no circumstances are individuals permitted to be under the influence while actively volunteering for Pride Toronto during the festival or Pride-related events.
  13. To report all accidents/incidents to your immediate supervisor or emergency personnel as the situation necessitates.
  14. To give accurate and true personal information (name, address, telephone, Driver’s License, e-mail) to Pride Toronto when it is requested.
  15. To read and agree to act in accordance with all Pride Toronto policies.
  16. Volunteers may be subject to a Vulnerable Sector Screening Check
  17. The Vulnerable Sector Screening Check (VSSC) Policy applies to individuals in the
    following roles:
      1. Anyone Volunteering in the Family Pride Area or Youth Engagement
      2.  Anyone Volunteering with Seniors
      3. Anyone Volunteering at the Accessibility Tent
      4. Anyone Volunteering with minors
    1. The Vulnerable Sector Screening is completed as part of the Volunteer screening process for the above roles. The offer of a position is given upon the successful application of a position, pending the results of the vulnerable sector screening
    2. All new volunteers and volunteers renewing their term in the above positions must complete a VSSC when the new term has been approved.
    3. The cost for processing these checks will be absorbed by Pride Toronto.
  18. Additional tasks as needed

8. All Volunteers have the right

  1. To be treated with respect and as a valued team member.
  2. To be assigned a suitable, clearly described, position that contributes to the mission of Pride Toronto
  3. To have access to information contained in their Volunteer records.
  4. To have their contributions recognized.
  5. To request documentation confirming their Volunteer work.
  6. To have access to appropriate information, training and supervision so they can meet the responsibilities of their position.
  7. To receive supervision, training and feedback on their performance and have access to a dispute resolution process.
  8. To give feedback, suggestions or concerns.
  9. To have Volunteer records kept confidential.
  10. To Volunteer in a safe and healthy environment.
  11. To have every effort made to align with any accessibility needs that may be required
  12. Pride Toronto is committed to the principles of employment equity. Volunteers from all qualified candidates are welcome; in particular, applications are encouraged from racialized people, Indigenous people, disabled people, queer and trans people, and women

8. The Agreement

  1. I understand that the purposes of this policy are: to protect the integrity of Pride Toronto’s decision making process, to enable our constituents to have confidence in our integrity, and to protect the integrity and reputation of Volunteers, Staff and Board members

Last Updated October 29, 2021

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