Any event venue must meet required ADA guidelines. Below is a suggested checklist to double check accessibility of your event.

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Venue Checklist

Does your venue have?




Elevator access

Ramp access

Accessible transportation routes

Accessible parking

Accessible washrooms (including gender-inclusive washrooms)

Accessible room to navigate around the venue 

Accessible seating

Operations Checklist

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Booked ASL interpreters

Created accessible seating

Created accessible access navigating around the venue

Let your speakers know about any special accommodations beforehand

Ensured there is gender neutral washrooms onsite

Provided an necessary specialized training to security personnel or harm reduction staff

Created an attendee care attendant policy- no fee for attendance

Strived to incorporate environmentally sustainable practices

Communications Checklist

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Put accessibility information in your event page footer

Ensured all materials meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines regarding font size, colour contrast, etc.

Used your RSVP form to gather attendee needs ahead of time

Asked for dietary restrictions

Collected requests for interpreting services or assistive listening devices

Collected requests for accessible parking or seating

Offered an open text area asking about other accommodations that will help ensure full guest participation

Provided accessible seating

Requested pronouns so you can display them on badges

Sent an email about accessible transportation options

Disclosed if a photographer will be at the event

Offered an opportunity for participants to not be photographer upon request

Communicated if there will be use of flash photography

Communicated if any sort of strobe lights or flashing images that may cause seizures

Communicated if there will be any amplified sounds/music

Communicated whether or not interpreting services will be provided for various speakers, panels, talks, etc.

Communicated whether or not you will be providing assistive listening devices for hard of hearing attendees

Communicated if your event is accessible to service animals

Communicated all optional parts of your event, including off-site social activities, that may not be fully accessible

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Last updated: February 2, 2022

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