Calling all curators! Want to curate a stage program as part of Pride Toronto Festival Weekend 2024? Apply by October 22, 2023!

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  1. Purpose 
  2. Overview
  3. Application Process
  4. Curator Selection Process
  5. Scope of Work
  6. Juror Evaluation Rubric


To ensure that Pride Toronto’s Festival Programming is diverse, inclusive, and representative of the 2SLGBTQI+ communities in Toronto and abroad. This process aims to provide opportunities to a wide array of cultural curators and artists while promoting transparency and community involvement.


Pride Toronto is looking for new Curators for 2024 and beyond, to bring new and diverse programming to our Festival Stages. We are looking for fresh voices with proven curation track records and community involvement to program a unique three (3) hour stage program as part of Festival Weekend. Prospective Curators may present original ideas or proposals. We are looking to ensure we have diverse programming from all angles but we are specifically looking to increase the categories of Burlesque, Alternative, Middle Eastern, South Asian, or LatinX programming.

Pride Toronto is committed to the principles of employment equity. Applications from all qualified candidates are welcome; in particular, applications are encouraged from racialized people, Indigenous people, disabled people, queer and trans people, women, youth and seniors. If you require any form of accessibility throughout this application, please let us know.

Application Process

  1. Application Submission Requirements
    1. Please provide the following as part of your application:
      1. Your name and pronouns
      2. Your social media and contact information
      3. The following demographic information if you feel comfortable doing so: racial identity, gender identity, sexual identity, city of residence
      4. A summary of past curation history and/or event producer history.
      5. A short expression of interest explaining your uniqueness in Toronto’s cultural landscape and how your program idea aligns with Pride Toronto’s programming. 
      6. Optional additional supporting documents, such as statistical/successes of past events, photos/flyers, video footage, and social media engagement. 
    2. All applications must be received through email to with the subject “Curator Application 2024.” Please submit all elements as a PDF. Alternative formats will be accepted only when requested in advance for accessibility accommodations. 
    3. The application deadline is October 22, 2023 at 11:59PM EST. For fairness, no applications will be accepted after this deadline. 

Curator Selection Process

  1. Confirmation 
    1. All applicants will receive an email confirming their submission.
  2. Review process 
    1. A diverse selection committee will be formed that consists of Pride Toronto Programming Staff and Senior Leadership Team Members.  
    2. The committee will review each application using the rubric identified within this call-out
    3. Scores will be tallied and ranked based on average score. 
    4. The committee will discuss any program overlaps and ensure key communities are not excluded. Adjustments may be made to ensure Pride Toronto’s Curators are diverse and reflective of our community.
    5. All curators will be contacted, regardless of the decision, and informed of the committee’s decision. Successful candidates will then be invited to a preliminary meeting led by the Programming & Events Manager

Scope of Work

  1. Contract
    1. All Curators must sign a Curator Agreement which outlines:
      1. Scope of work and timelines.
      2. Relevant Pride Toronto Policies and Procedures. 
      3. Terms and Conditions. 
      4. Artist booking remuneration and program budget details.
    2. Contracts will have provisions for up to three (3) festival years 
  2. Payment and benefits
    1. Curators will receive compensation equal to $250 (CDN) per hour of programming budget, with equal distribution among multiple Curators on one program. 
      1. All invoices must be submitted to Pride Toronto as indicated in the Curator Agreement.
      2. Curators will receive 75% of total payment at time of signing and the remaining 25% after program completion
    2. Curators may perform up to 10% of their stage time with prior approval from Pride Toronto’s Programming and Events Manager. 
      1. The Curator cannot pay themselves on top of their curator fee without written permission from Pride Toronto. 
    3. Each Curator will receive one (1) Festival Weekend VIP Pass 
      1. A maximum amount of Curators for each festival program will be considered on an individual basis as necessary
    4. Each Curator may  submit up to three (3) external events during the year that Pride Toronto will promote as part of the Affiliate Events Program. These events must abide by all Affiliate Event Program Terms and Conditions, including due dates for collateral. 
      1. Only one (1) of the three (3) events to be promoted in May or June.
      2. VIP pass and event promotion is non transferable.  
      3. Each Curator will receive an unique promotion code for applicable Signature Events to be shared publicly. For each instance of the promotion code that is entered, the Curator will receive 5% of the ticket sale after discount. 
        1. Pride Toronto will reconcile the total amount of promotion codes used and pay the Curators based on ticket sales in July of each year.
      4. Promotion codes for events to be administered at the discretion of Pride Toronto. Not all Signature Events are eligible for promotion codes.
  3. Meetings 
    1. A preliminary meeting will be led by the Programming & Events Manager to guide Curators through talent booking, deadlines, and the artist application process. The artist application process will also be reviewed so Curators are informed on how to aid prospective artists in filling out their applications
    2. Monthly recurring meetings will be held to share ideas and diversify bookings. Timelines and updates will be provided. 
    3. One-on-one check-ins will occur throughout the process to discuss programming, booking selections, production requirements and deliverables.
  4. Selection Policies and Criteria
    1. The Pride Toronto’s Programming team will send applicable applications to Curators. The Curators will review artist applications and follow:
      1. A set rubric for assessment.
      2. Minimum percentages for underrepresented performer categories. 
      3. Pride Toronto’s Conflict of Interest Policy
      4. Requirements for artists to apply through Pride Toronto’s process or with special written permission from the Programming and Events Manager. 
      5. Pay standards aligned with Pride Toronto’s Artist Pay Rate Scale.  
  5. Deadlines
    1. Curators must meet all deadlines as outlined in their contract. Breach of contract may result in dismissal. 
  6. Festival Weekend
    1. Curators must be present for the entirety of their stage program to assist Pride Toronto Staff and Volunteers in successful implementation.
  7. Post-Festival
    1. All curators will participate in a post-festival debrief scheduled by the Programming & Events Manager in August of each year. This allows Curators to provide suggestions for improvements, ensuring constant enhancement and meeting professional standards.

Juror Evaluation Rubric


  • Curator candidates will be rated on a scale of 1 to 5 for each criterion, with 1 being “Poor” and 5 being “Excellent.”
  • A total score will be calculated at the end of the evaluation.

Commitment to Diversity:

  • The Curator’s commitment to promoting inclusivity and diversity in their programming.
  • The Curator’s efforts to feature underrepresented voices and perspectives.
  • The Curator’s ability to meet the minimum percentages set out for underrepresented performer categories such as Drag Kings, gender performers, racialized performers, women and live instrumentalists/vocalists

Community Engagement:

  • The Curator’s history of engaging with the 2SLGBTQI+ community and fostering collaboration with other organizations or artists.
  • The Curator’s ability to build partnerships and create a sense of community around their programs.
  • Consideration of which specific communities the Curator serves, and if have a proven history of being involved in championing said community


  • The candidate’s ability to conceptualize and articulate an innovative artistic vision for Pride Toronto events.
  • The Curator’s proficiency in selecting diverse and culturally relevant artists for Pride events.
  • The Curator’s ability to curate a lineup representing various 2SLGBTQI+ identities and experiences.
  • Consideration of  the uniqueness of the Curator’s proposal within the cultural landscape of Toronto’s events and within Pride Toronto’s programming lineup


  • The candidate’s organizational skills in terms of managing budgets, timelines, and logistics for their events.
  • Consideration of the Curator’s ability to handle multiple tasks and troubleshoot effectively.
  • Consideration of the Curator’s track record in developing successful events or programming


  • Assessment of the application on its thoroughness, quality and effectiveness
  • All requested application details are present, assessing attention to detail. This includes but is not limited to grammar, working links and formatting
  • Assessment of the Curator as an ambassador and partner of Pride Toronto
  • This category serves as a reflection of the Curator’s potential effectiveness and organization in the role of Curator

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