Black Ark


A vessel. A threshold. A space for reflection. ... Read More Black Ark

Pyramids of Connection


Accessibility: Please visit stackt market for more info Event DetailsArt by Jay-Marie Phillips (she/her)... Read More Pyramids of Connection

Sustainable Love


This piece represents that love is for all, and that we must all welcome inclusion. Spreading love is to... Read More Sustainable Love

This Tree is a Rabbit


A setting of trees in various stages of growth is framed against the facades of the inner city. Featuring... Read More This Tree is a Rabbit

Duality Illuminated


Duality lives in all things, opposites bound together in a single space. Where do these opposites intersect?... Read More Duality Illuminated

Colour Field 3


Multicoloured vibrant shapes ebb and flow, working both as individuals and as a collective, in this... Read More Colour Field 3

Murder Music: The Malice Afterthought


This installation and exhibition explore the intersections of violence, dancehall, memory, and same-sex love.... Read More Murder Music: The Malice Afterthought

The Cosmic Explorer


and space imagery, drag, and the work of queer and trans-BIPOC designers, stylists and models. The purpose is... Read More The Cosmic Explorer

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