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Artist Quick Facts


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Artist Registration

Pride Toronto celebrates local talent in music, performance art, videography, dance, burlesque, drag, and various other forms of artistry. We look forward to celebrating new styles of art as we continue to discover new and exciting online platforms throughout these times.

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Pride 2022 Artist Registration is now closed

Only accepted applications will be contacted due to the number of registrations. Thank you!

2022 Festival Show Descriptions

When applying for the festival, you have the option to select a specific show you’d like to apply to. All applicants will be considered for general festival programming regardless of selection, selecting a specific show just ensures the curator of that space will see your application and be cognizant of your preference.


Blockorama, created and curated by Blackness Yes! Is Pride Toronto’s longest running and largest stage. We work to celebrate, spotlight and make space for African, Black and Caribbean artists during Pride month. We are looking for DJs, Singers, Dancers, performers, hosts, visual artists and more.

Indigenous Programming

This consists of Catalyst, 2Spirit Pride and other programming that features Indigenous artists and creators. This is a space for Indigenous artists and creators.


brOWN//out is the “south asian” community stage at Pride Toronto. It is a mixtape of adventures. Rushing from waters, mountains and plains of homeland(s) through the diaspora and back. Over and over again. brOWN//out is a community space for south asian queer and trans artists: singers, poets, dancers, drag and burlesque artists, musicians and more.Influenced and supported by a multitude of artists, organizers, agitators, dreamers and do-ers, curated by Anu Radha Verma (she/her).

*the term “south asian” is used strategically: there is no way to adequately represent all the
complexities of having identities connected to “South Asia,” which can include diasporic, Nepali, NRI, Tamil, Indo-Caribbean, Oriya-speaking, brown, Fijian, Maldivian, mixed-race, Pakistani, and more. The inadequateness of the term means that many “South Asian” community spaces have perpetuated the harm of exclusion, in particular of Black South Asian folks. The work of disrupting anti-Blackness of “South Asian” spaces is crucial and necessary. brOWN//out can be, and needs to be, a place for this disruption.

Trans Pride

A rally that consists of Trans speakers and performers who energize the crowd before kicking off the annual Trans pride march. The march concludes at Allan Gardens where there is an after party consisting of Trans performers.

Youth Programming

This is for artists 30 or under, it’s also a space that showcases new and emerging artists, if you’ve never performed on stage before that’s okay!


A showcase of Alternative 2SLGBTQ+ artists and performers.


With over a decade of parties YYY has solidified itself as a Toronto institution. With a heavy emphasis on Hip Hop, R&B/Dancehall and Soca, the biggest mandate for this collective has been to connect communities within the city through music and dance.

Drag Programming

This is for any drag specific programming including Drag Ball, risers and anywhere else we’d want to feature kings queens and gender performers.


A space that highlights Toronto’s 2SLGBTQ+ Latin artists, performers and creators.

Live Music

Vocalists and bands.

Dyke March

A rally that consists of Dyke speakers and performers who energize the crowd before kicking off the annual Dyke March. The march concludes at Allan Gardens where there is an after party consisting of Dyke performers.

Bi+ Pride

Curated by our Bi+ Pride community, Bi+ Pride will consist of Bi+ (Bisexual, Pansexual, Omnisexual, Fluid and other non-monosexual) speakers, artists, performers and creators.

Dj Riser

Our 4x4ft risers that are located on Church street for the ultimate street parties, this is where we showcase local Dj’s and even Queens/Kings/gender performers. This space is not equipped for a full band or performance that requires a lot of movement/space.

New Ho Queen

New Ho Queen is a Toronto-based art collective aiming to celebrate and uplift queer Asians and queer people of colour. Since its inception in early 2018, New Ho Queen has been redefining and challenging what Toronto nightlife spaces look like by creating celebratory and artful spaces designed to centre the queer Asian diaspora, but welcome all QTBIPOC equally. Though in its infancy, New Ho Queen has already been recognized as an important fixture in Toronto’s queer community, collaborating with countless performers, DJs, artists, designers and photographers, and taking over institutional spaces like the Royal Ontario Museum and Gardiner Museum. When you arrive at a New Ho Queen party, you can expect to be immersed in a visual experience, witness a range of performances that celebrate intersectional narratives, and dance all night long to music by talented in-house and guest DJs. With the intention to uplift the community, New Ho Queen continues to be a positive force in the lives of the queer Asian diaspora, both as a platform for artistic growth and an important space for healing

Senior Pride

Curated by our Senior Pride community, Senior Pride will consist of 2SLGBTQ+ Senior speakers and performers.


The mission of the Black Queer Collective is to highlight and prioritize the stories and experiences of the Black Queer & Trans community in Toronto. BQC is a community response to lack of presentation in our LGBTQQIAP youth community (30 and under). We are a group of Black Queer youth curating a stage for our fellow Black Queer & Trans youth in Toronto to showcase their art. Our voices are important and our spaces are essential. Black Queer and Trans youth telling our stories, our own way. We are black and on track!

Yalla Barra

The biggest middle eastern LGBTQ+ inclusive party in Canada. Featuring performances and other artistic mediums by various artists from the Middle East.


Instruction video on how to apply online.

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