Pride 2021 Staff Speaker Topics

Pride Toronto is a not-for-profit organization that relies on donations,  sponsors, and grants to be able to continue to produce the annual Festival. We warmly encourage a financial contribution for all speaking engagements to cover the cost of staff time.

30min Presentation for $200 – 60min Presentation for $400

Upon booking, Pride Toronto’s Finance team will send a direct invoice. ETF, Wires and credit card payments are all accepted.

Thank you for supporting Pride Toronto!
Subject to Staff Availability – Please contact Tara, [email protected] to request a booking. 

Pride Toronto 101 with Freya

45 Mins in length

From humble beginnings as a picnic on Wards Island to a multi million person festival, Pride Toronto has existed for 40 years. Learn how this feisty organization has changed and grown into the community advocate it is today.

2SLGBTQ+ with Freya

45 Mins in length

This knowledge sharing session will cover all of the 2SLGBTQ+ Basics, and answer all of your questions – everything from “What does the + sign mean?” to “how can I better understand the trans individuals in my life?”

Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice with Nicoy

15 or 45 Mins in length

This training is designed to facilitate the important conversation on creating progressive and informed work culture. Participants will partake in-depth discussion on equity, inclusion, and social justice as pillars for systemic and organizational change.

Pride Flags with Primeau

15 or 45 Mins in length

Looking at the history of the pride flags, why our community has created additional flags, updates to the pride flag, and understanding the importance of doing more than hanging the flags.

Toxic Masculinity and Gender Based Violence with Freya

45 Mins in length

Overview In this knowledge sharing session we learn the basics of gender based violence, intersectionality and the ways in which toxic masculinity has a specifically harmful relationship with the 2SLGBTQ+ Community.

Accessible Customer Service with Freya

45 Mins in length

This knowledge sharing session is a companion piece to the AODA training by the Ontario Government. This session takes the AODA training further into better understanding the lives, wants, and needs of people with disabilities in public spaces.

Why independent 2SLGBTQ+ spaces are so important for our communities with Ian

45 Mins in length

There’s a crisis underway – Toronto is losing some of its most important 2SLGBTQ spaces! Learn more about the fascinating role that independent spaces for communing, mixing and creating have played at every step in the history of Pride’s communities, from Toronto to around the world.

COVID-19 Community Impact and Virtual Pride with Sherwin or Amber

45 Mins in length

Pivoting the largest Festival in Canada to an online platform was no easy task but Pride Toronto was up for the challenge. We understand the importance of the Festival to the communities we serve so we knew that we had to move forward. In 2021 we will be re-imagining the Festival once again to move to a phygital experience oering both physical and virtual programming. Learn more about the unique challenges Pride Toronto has overcome and the future of the Festival in a virtual world.

Digital Harm Reduction with Freya

15 or 45 Mins in length

In this day and age of virtual events, it is more important than ever to ensure the safety and security of online participants. This knowledge sharing session will dive into ways to ensure that your digital event is a safer space, free from threats from both within and outside the event.

Programming Overview and Curating Diverse Programming with Leanna

15 or 45 Mins in length

Learn about Pride Toronto’s programming plans for the upcoming 2021 Festival! And the process behind curating it. Why is diversity in programming important? What do you need to know when working with 2SLGBTQ+ artists? This presentation will answer these questions as well as inform you on how to diversify your own programming and events.

Unlearning Language with Bobby

15 or 45 Mins in length

Words matter! Whether it be a formal setting, the classroom or with your  friends, the words you chose to use have an eect. This workshop is designed to talk openly about the language we use, some common word choices and tips to challenge yourself and your networks to continue to grow and evolve.

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