A person kissing another person on the cheek.

Our Mission

Pride Toronto supports our communities in the pursuit of our unequivocal rights to be known, be heard, be understood, be accepted, be respected, and to celebrate the beauty of who we are.

Our Vision

No matter who you love or how you identify, you will be safe, valued, equal, and proud.

A group of three people on bikes

Our Values


Our community has the right to be free from fear, free from oppression, and free to discover and love as our true selves. We work to honour and advance the freedom of everyone in our community.


Over 35 years ago, our community was founded on the fundamental truth that love prevails and we are all deserving of it. We commit to love as the method and the goal in every interaction.


The voices and stories of our community are as diverse as they are beautiful. We work to make sure that each of us can be heard and that we listen to each other.


Our community is made up of many identities- many of those in evolution. Understanding is how we will come to know and care for each other. We will help to foster understanding within our community and beyond.

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