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  1. Terms and Conditions
  2. Application Information
  3. Event Regulations
  4. Payments and Refunds
  5. Liability Release

1. Terms and Conditions

  1. Pride Toronto’s Affiliate Events Terms and Conditions are applicable to all Participants wishing to take part in Pride Toronto’s Affiliate Events Program.
  2. Throughout this document, the “Participant” is referred to as the individual, organization or company looking to participate in the Affiliate Events Program. The Participant is responsible for all associated Participants involved with the event.
  3. Any violation of any of the conditions within this document will affect the Participant’s continued participation with Pride Toronto.
  4. The Terms and Conditions are intended to provide clarity on the rights and responsibilities of Pride Toronto and Participants.
  5. The Affiliate Events Terms and Conditions are formulated in the context of the Mission, Vision and Values of Pride Toronto.
  6. The Participant hereby declares policies upholding equal opportunity and non-discrimination have been adopted, by which discrimination on the grounds of Race, Colour, Creed, National Origin, Religious or Political affiliation, Sex, Age, Personal or Family Relationships, Disabilities, HIV/AIDS, Income Restrictions, Union Affiliation, Sexual Orientation, or Gender Identity/Expression is prohibited by the organization/business or individual.
  7. The Participant confirms that they are of the age of majority and have the authority to assume full responsibility for the behaviour of all persons participating in the contingent falling under this application. The Participant further agrees to comply with and enforce all of Pride Toronto Terms and Conditions and applicable laws and regulations in connection with the event.
  8. Pride Toronto expects (and the contractual terms explicitly state) that the Participant and all their affiliates agree to operate in a manner that is consistent with the celebration of Pride in the communities by respecting the rights of all members of the community to participate in the event; by not presenting images or behaving in a manner that promotes or may promote degradation, stereotypes, hatred, or violence toward any persons and groups; and by adopting and adhering to appropriate non-discrimination and equal opportunity policies as an organization.
  9. The Participant is fully responsible for and agrees to comply by, and enforce all applicable laws and regulations in connection with their event.
  10. All Pride Month participation opportunities including but not limited to; StreetFair Booths, Parade Contingents, Affiliate Events, Advertising (web & guide) and all sponsor benefits are non-transferable. Only the logo/trademark of the organization/company that entered into a signed agreement with Pride Toronto is permitted to be displayed in any of the opportunities listed above. No Participants may display the Pride Toronto logo.
  11. The participant agrees to all terms laid out in the Affiliate Events partnership agreement and failure to deliver on their commitment will result in the termination of the partnership.
  12. Pride Toronto retains the right to update or modify terms and conditions with written notice to Participants. Participants have three (3) business days to raise an issue with Pride Toronto about the modified terms and express interest in removal.
  13. Pride Toronto retains the right to refuse any application without liability. Pride Toronto retains the right to cancel or modify Pride or Pride events at any time, in part or in full, without liability.

2. Applications Infomation

  1. All applications must be received through the Pride Toronto website.
  2. The act of receiving an online application shall not be deemed to impart or imply any obligation for Pride Toronto to accept any bid or application. Upon Pride Toronto’s approval of an application, the successful applicant – the Participant – will be notified electronically of their acceptance into the Pride 2022 Affiliate Events Program.
  3. Applications will be considered pending and benefits will not be completed if an incomplete application is submitted.
  4. Applications require a 72-hour processing turnaround; with listing and social media benefits being fulfilled within 5-7 business days of approval.
  5. All Participants must meet eligibility requirements as outlined in the online application. If requested by Pride Toronto, Participants must provide proof of qualification. Should there be a dispute, Pride Toronto reserves the right to deny an application on the grounds of ineligibility.
  6. Participants agree to carry a commercial liability insurance policy with a minimum limit of two million dollars ($2,000,000.00). The applicant further agrees to add Pride Toronto as an additional insured for the event and to provide Pride Toronto with proof of insurance through mail or e-mail (​jamie@pridetoronto.com​). For faster turnaround with registration applications, an insurance certificate should accompany the application.
  7. If any of the Participants have a Criminal Record, the Participant must disclose that information to Pride Toronto staff during the application process or as soon as they are made aware.

3. Event Regulations

  1. Participating as an Affiliate Event means that you are hosting an event that represents and provides a safe space for members of our community. This also includes:
    1. Showcasing and hiring Queer and Trans talent.
    2. Training staff and security on best practices within the community.
    3. Creating a safe space 365 days a year that reduces as many barriers as possible to enhance accessibility to all attendees.
  2. Failure to provide the above; your event will not be permitted to register as a Pride Toronto Affiliate Event.
  3. Pride Toronto is the legal name of our organization. The Participant agrees that they will only use the name Pride Toronto, and Pride Toronto’s Affiliate Events logo to reference their event as an Affiliate Event through Pride Toronto. Events registered must use the Pride Toronto Affiliate Events logo and not the Pride Toronto logo.
  4. The Participant cannot use the Pride Toronto logo or the name “Pride Toronto” for any events hosted in its space, without the approval of a signing authority of Pride Toronto.
  5. The Participant acknowledges that Pride Toronto reserves the right to final approval of all advertising and promotional artwork for this event bearing “Pride Toronto” and/or the Pride Toronto Affiliate Events Logo.
  6. Pride Toronto Affiliate Events are eligible to be advertised by Pride Toronto. The Participant agrees to submit a copy of all promotional material related to the event to jamie@pridetoronto.com​.
  7. In an effort to ensure fairness for all, Pride Toronto reserves the right to assess and collect associated fees after the festival from any groups who use the Affiliate Events Logo without Pride Toronto’s signing authority.

4. Payments and Refunds

  1. All payments are to be made online through PayPal. Cash and/or cheques for Fees will not be accepted. Payments will be made at the time of registration through Zone Festival. Applications will not be processed if payment is incomplete.
  2. A Participant has ten (10) business days from purchase to request a refund for their permit. After ten (10) business days, no refund will be offered. All refunds are subject to a 20% administrative fee.
  3. There will be no refund of fees if a Participant is removed from the Affiliate Events Program.
  4. There will be no refund of fees if a Participant cancels their own event under any circumstances. Affiliate Event registrations are non-transferable.
  5. Pride Toronto will not compensate, refund, discount or in any other way be responsible for a lack of interest of the Participant from the public.
  6. The following prices and benefits will be in effect for Participants in the 2022 Pride Toronto Affiliate Events Program. All prices are subject to 13% HST and 4% Service Fees. Prices subject to change without notice.

Fee Schedule


Fee (single event)

Fee (multiple events)







Free Community Event

Up to $50

Up to $100

5. Liability Release

  1. In consideration of the acceptance of this application and permission to participate in the Pride, I, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns hereby release, waive and
 forever discharge Pride Toronto staff, board, volunteers, and suppliers, the City of Toronto and all other associations, sanctioning bodies and sponsoring companies, and all their respective agents, officials, servants, contractors, representatives, volunteers, staff, elected and appointed officials, successors and assigns of and from all claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses, actions and causes of action, whether in law or equity, in respect of death, injury, loss or damage to my person or property howsoever caused, arising or to arise by reason of my participation in the said event, whether as an exhibitor, spectator, participant, competitor or otherwise, whether prior to, during or subsequent to the event, and notwithstanding that the same may have been contributed to, or occasioned by the negligence of any of the aforesaid.

Last updated: January 25, 2022

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