Kaleido: A Pride Celebration

From the Greek “kalos,” meaning “beautiful”, and “eidos”, meaning “form”—this parade-in-reverse celebrates the beauty of our communities. A bevy of dancers and some of Toronto’s best DJs entertain passers-by from the Glad Day windowscape.

Resilient: Body. Mind. Soul

A poster campaign and a live online performance highlight the talent, community strength, and resilience of disabled QTBIPOC folks living in Scarborough, with acts ranging from rap and singing, to drag.

Finding Community in Deaf Queer Women Spaces

Courage Bacchus is joined by three Deaf women artists - Tamyka Bullen, Thurga Kanagasekarampillai, and Gaitrie Persaud Dhunmoon - for an open discussion of their journeys through queerness and art-making, and the barriers that they’ve had to overcome.

#ClownsKillEmpires present High (f)Art

"Toronto’s non-binary clown collective presents an art-house themed variety show celebrating local queer artists, including Gay Jesus, Sita Moon, Buster Hymen, Dolly Berlin, and Kaspar the Queer Ghost. Stick around for a digital dance party after the show.

Imogen Quest // Host + co-producer
Pickles LaVey // Co-producer
Aggie Panda // DJ + technician
Buster Hymen, Gay Jesus, Dolly Berlin, Kaspar The Queer Ghost + Sita Moon // Performers"

Comedy Corner

If laughter is the best medicine, it’s something we could all use about now. Rhoma Spencer hosts a pop-up comedy corner for residents in the heart of Regent Park, featuring Martha Chaves, Monica Garrido, and Aliya Kanani.

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