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Pride Toronto has developed a platform where our community can be their authentic selves, where allies can show their support, and where we demonstrate the true diversity of the great city of Toronto. We strive to create a comprehensive partnership agreement that delivers real value to both the participating organization and Pride Toronto. We prioritize creating authentic partnerships with our partners while ensuring our communities are safe, represented, and have a genuinely rewarding experience.

 We see this as a partnership where we support one another through cross-promotion, resource sharing, and opportunity inclusion. We look forward to working with you and creating a lasting partnership.

The comprehensive benefits program has been designed to support, elevate, and showcase program participants. Pride Toronto prioritizes creating authentic partnerships with our partners while ensuring our communities are safe, represented, and have a genuinely rewarding experience.

2022 Not-For-Profit Partners Program Opportunity


  • Create community-based partnerships with local not-for-profit and charitable organizations
  • Increase awareness of partners programming or services dedicated or directed to supporting 2SLGBTQ community members
  • Create new marketing and promotional opportunities for Pride Toronto through program participants
  • Resource share to lower operational costs where possible
  • Provide opportunities for community leaders to sit on Pride Toronto advisory committees to diversify participants
  • Connect program participants with the resources needed to create safer environments and experiences for 2SLGBTQ community members

Target Audience

  • Not-for-profit or charitable organizations 
  • Organizations who are providing services or resources dedicated towards supporting the 2SLGBTQ communities 
  • Organizations that have demonstrated alignment with Pride Toronto’s mission, vision, and values 
  • Organizations that are reflective of Toronto’s diverse population
  • Organizations that have services or specialties that could benefit Pride Toronto’s operational planning 

Benefits Overview:

Pride Toronto to Provide

  • Participating organizations will have exclusive access to apply to be Pride Toronto’s honoured group and charity of choice. Applications will be open in October-November annually 
  • Participants will receive confidential access to the 2022 theme creative and press releases prior to the public announcement 
  • The organization will receive two (2) tickets to Pride Toronto’s annual Partner Symposium and additional invitations to Pride Toronto signature events where possible 
  • Pride Toronto will provide the organization with pre-registration codes to education and training opportunities prior to public distribution where possible
  • The organization will receive booking access to Pride Toronto Creative Studio & Residency Program where possible. Opportunities will be extended to affiliate partners subject to availability and program relaunch
  • Pride Toronto will complete social media promotion across Pride Toronto social media accounts  [Facebook, Twitter and Instagram] where possible 
  • Pride Toronto will extend any in-kind sponsor support to program participants where possible 
  • Pride Toronto to extend parade and Streetfair participation discounts where possible 

Not-For-Profit Partners to Provide

  • Program participants to post a minimum of five (5) Pride Toronto Festival promotional content across social media accounts [Facebook, Twitter and Instagram] 
  • The social media post schedule will be as follows: 
    • May – 2 posts 
    • June- 2 posts 
    • July- 1 post 
  • Content provided by Pride Toronto to Not-for-Profit or charitable organizations

For more information, please contact:
Nicoy Davis (They/He)

Community Engagement and Office Manager,

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