Our Pride 2021 shirt was created in collaboration the fierce and mighty queer artist Tim Singleton with Whitney in mind. When we get together again soon enough, all we wanna do is dance with somebody, and you know that somebody is you, right?

This shirt was also created in partnership with Pride Toronto this year where proceeds from each shirt will help raise money for Breakaway, a local harm reduction group who work tirelessly help and support LGBTQ+ without stigma or judgement.

100 % cotton crewneck | Fits true to size

  • 100 % cotton crewneck
  • Fits true to size

Phil and Armand from Yohomo

What does Pride mean to us? We put our answer on this shirt we created for this year’s Pride. ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ is not only one of the greatest pop songs in the history of humanity, it also expresses exactly how so many of us queers feel this year in one statement. We miss our community so much. We miss throwing some of the most exciting, diverse, inclusive and sexy parties this city has seen in a long time. We miss getting dolled up and, especially during pride month, we miss dancing with our friends, families and chosen family

Phil and Armand, Yohomo

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