Black Queer & Trans Excellence

Carving out an alternative and personal voice for himself, James Baley is a Juno nominated, multi-disciplinary performer and music creator from Toronto who’s unapologetic energy magnetizes audiences

James’ musical journey began in church where he was celebrated for his talents as a young vocalist/ performer but exploration of queerness was discouraged.  Yearning to find an inclusive community in which to honour his identity James began sharing his talents in 2013 through the inter-spiritual community of Sunset Service where he was able to develop and unleash his expression as a queer artist.

Train with Team Canada

Join us for a weekly, one-hour conversation with a queer or allied Team Canada Athlete! After the chat, move your coffee table over and join the athlete for an exclusive at-home work out.

Queer Shopping Channel

Online Event

An unboxing of various items available in our online vendor market. Watch hosts reveal products by local makers ranging from erotic candles to apparel. Hosted by Max Claude & Mango Sassi. Like what you see? Support Local, Support Queer -