Black Queer & Trans Excellence

Trey Anthony is an award-winning writer, motivational speaker, and relationship/life coach. She is the first black woman in Canada to have a television series on a prime time network. Her work includes the plays, 'da Kink in My Hair and How Black Mothers Say I Love You. Trey's life purpose is to empower women to live their best damn lives! Her new book, Black Girl in Love (with herself), published by Hay House, will be available January 2021. She divides her time between Atlanta and Toronto. She is an adoption advocate and the proud momma bear to her son Kai. In her spare time, she enjoys laughing at herself and all her antics and eating cupcakes! Follow Trey on Instagram @blackgirlinlove and visit to learn more about her.

Black Queer & Trans Excellence

Samson Bonkeabantu Brown is a sangoma, traditional healer and multidisciplinary artist with a primary focus on spiritual healing, ancestral veneration, trans advocacy and the arts. He uses the arts (acting, playwriting, stage and production managing) to create visibility for men of trans experience, educate the general public on trans issues, and to shed light on how ancestral veneration can assist with living on purpose.

Black Queer & Trans Excellence

The Trans People of Colour Project (TPOC) provides dedicated Friendly Check-Ins to racialized trans folks in our communities, and are working away at developing resources specifically for TPOC as well as training sessions for health and social service providers on how to work with TPOC in affirming ways in their practice.


BQC – Black Queer Collective

The mission of the Black Queer Collective is to highlight and prioritize the stories and experiences of the Black Queer & Trans community in Toronto. BQC is a community response to lack of presentation in our LGBTQQIAP youth community. We are a group of Black Queer youth curating a stage for our fellow Black Queer & Trans youth in Toronto to showcase their art. Our voices are important and our spaces are essential. Black Queer and Trans youth telling our stories, our own way. We are black and on track!

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