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Living Out Loud Ball

June 25, 2022 @ 1:00 pm 6:00 pm EDT

Living Out Loud Event

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Event Details

Father Twysted Miyake-Mugler hosts a world-class ballroom event, with international performers and guests! The Living Out Loud  Ball is where the best ballroom talent will face off on the Runway for trophies, cash & glory!

The stage opens at 1 pm – Playing Ballroom mixes and setting up the space
DJ KARIMOLENASH starts spinning live at 2 pm
The ball starts at 2:30 pm
Categories will run from 3 pm – 6 pm

Sex Positivity –
As a part of living out loud, we want to shine lights on the things that make Pride what it is. A major part of Pride is owning our sexuality, not only with others but with ourselves. However, I want to bring a severe ballroom twist. Bizarre girls, this is where you come in. Tonight, I want you to bring sex toys to life. and embody sex positivity. Do not forget this is BIZARRE, I am looking for details and A GAG, not TO gag.

Body Positivity
A performer’s authentic self can never be imitated or duplicated. Truly loving yourself, and expressing that through your personal interpretation of musicality will bring out your best performance. We do great because we feel great. We feel great because we ARE great. Tonight I want you stripped down to your bones by bringing it a sexy + revealing outfit. Yes, I WANT AS MUCH SKIN AS POSSIBLE! TUCK YOUR MEAT OR U WILL BE CHOPPED! (Please wear knee pads as we are going to be OUTSIDE)

Realness :
Is she Daddy’s Little Girl? Or is he mommy’s little boy? Regardless, as parents you set the tone for the life of your child. Every queer/trans kid wants a parent who affirms their identity instead of shrinking it. Tonight, we want you to bring it like a supportive parent and make us believe that you are the definition of REAL. Male Figures, bring it like ur baby dressed u up for tea at her dollhouse. I’m talking a full out supportive dad. For example, Fairy wings, princess skirt, THE WHOLE NINE! Female Figures, bring it with severe Tom Boy energy. SEVERE TOM BOY ENERGY! Remember you’re a PARENT!

Body :
Your body is activism. Living out loud will always bring you haters, because it’s something we all cannot do. We do not all love our bodies, however tonight is for the girls that do. Turn your body into a living protest. Using body paint, write words of affirmation on your body and tell us what you love the MOST about your body. Please note, this is a body category – we are still judging and scoring the BODY. You do not need to paint your SKIN, but all clothes must be skin tight.

Sex Siren :
This will be the last category of the Ball, and I will encourage all children to leave the space for now.
Sexy & LOUD
What is hotter than fire? Sex Sirens dressed up in fire colours. Bring the heat and set Nathan Phillips Square on FIRE! Reds, Oranges, Yellows!! We want you to look and smell sexy (not like sex). The sexier, the better. You do not need to be in all three colours.

Face :
When it comes to living out loud, there is nothing fabber than CLUB KID FACE! The use of jewels, stones and other beads and textures just adds something so ELEVATED when it’s done right. Tonight, I want CLUB KID FACE, the Pride edition. You do NOT need to have all the colours of the rainbow, you can use a minimum of ONE. (Monochromatic is always hot, that’s why I said one.) As for the inspiration of the “Club Kid Effect”? That is completely on you, just NO BARE FACES please!

Virgin Vogue & Runway :
You are the future of our community. It is vital to our survival as a community, that you ALWAYS pay homage to our history. There have been many lives lost in the fight for LGBT rights, but we are living out loud TODAY, because of the people who could NOT yesterday. Bring us a traditional PRIDE look, by wearing at least 4 colours of the Pride Flag in ur look. In addition, we want you to dedicate your performance to a Local / International legend or civil rights activist who you feel has paved the way for you. Bring their name on your shirt or poster.

Commentator :
I just want a new fab chant! Like… I’ve never heard it before… but I will want to hear it again! The keyword is NEW, so do not remix any popular song and think that you won’t get chopped. ALL NEW!

Runway :
Living LOUD
The golden era of rock & roll LIVED OUT LOUD! With intricate face paint, colourful wigs, with the attitude to match – if we saw them today, many would assume their style was influenced by Queer culture. Tonight, let’s LIVE LOUDLY by paying homage to the rock stars of that golden era. Your effect must be VISUALLY LOUD! Think Sting, Prince, Kiss, Rolling Stones, Boy George, Elton John, etc. Don’t forget winners have props!


Host: Twysted Miyake-Mugler

DJ: Karim Olen Ash

416 927 7433

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100 Queen St W
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2N1 Canada
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