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Pride Toronto Festival

The Pride Flag being walked through the parade

Uniting and empowering people with diverse sexual orientations, and gender expressions, the annual Pride Toronto Festival has become a major Canadian Arts and Cultural Event and the largest Pride celebration in North America. Pride showcases Toronto on the world stage with diversity, inclusion and vibrant creativity.

The voices and stories of our community are as diverse as they are beautiful. Pride Toronto works to make sure that each of us can be heard and that we listen to each other. The annual Pride Toronto Festival provides a safe space for just that.

As the largest Festival in Canada, Pride Toronto brings together over 2 million people during the month of June to rally and celebrate in community-created programming. Our vision is to ensure all participants know that no matter who you love, or how you are; you will be safe, valued, equal, and proud.

Arts Residency & Creative Studio

A Open Office with cubicles in the back.

Following the 2020 pandemic, Pride Toronto reimagined every possible resource available to create the highest impact possible for the communities we serve.  No leaf was left unturned until even Pride Toronto’s office space was considered. The space has now been transformed into a multifunctional tech space available to 2SLGBTQ residency participants free of charge!

The purpose of the residency program is to provide participants access to free training, workshops and skill share programs in order to further develop their creative careers. The space is currently made available to residency participants and will soon be available to not-for-profit partner program participants and possibly small 2SLGBTQ business owners. Pride Toronto hopes that the use of the space will allow community members to be able to continue to create and operate during an extremely difficult time.

Community Education & Advocacy

A big plastic ball with the word 'love' on it.

Pride Toronto supports our communities in the pursuit of our unequivocal rights to be known, be heard, be understood, be accepted, be respected, and to celebrate the beauty of who we are. No matter who you love or how you identify, you will be safe, valued, equal, and proud. 40 years ago, our organization was founded on the fundamental truth that love prevails and we are all deserving of it. We commit to love as the method and the goal in every interaction. The voices and stories of our community are as diverse as they are beautiful. We work to make sure that each of us can be heard and that we listen to each other.

Pride Toronto is committed to acknowledging and continuing the advocacy work necessary to ensure our community is free from fear, free from oppression, and free to discover and love as our true selves. We work to honour and advance the freedom of everyone in our community.

Ways to Give

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Pride Toronto relies on community donations to be able to produce the largest Pride Festival in Canada. Donate today!

Monthly Giving

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Gifts In-kind

Gifts in kind are used to support a number of initiatives and organizations. We are grateful for all in-kind opportunities. Please contact Pride Toronto’s Community Engagement Manager at [email protected] for more information.

Book lunch & Learns/Trainings

Pride Toronto has created a list of staff hosted training opportunities covering a number of Please contact Pride Toronto’s Community Engagement Manager at [email protected]


Pride Toronto has developed a platform where our community can be their authentic selves, where allies can show their support, and where we demonstrate the true diversity of the great city of Toronto. We strive to create a comprehensive benefits package that will deliver real value to your brand and your company’s strategic objectives. We prioritize creating authentic partnerships with our sponsors while ensuring our communities are safe, represented, and have a genuinely rewarding experience. We invite you to be a partner of Pride Toronto and make it your own. Please contact the Director, Sponsorships & Strategy at [email protected] for more information.

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