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Pride Toronto relies on the generosity of our community to ensure that the 2SLGBTQI+ communities of our city and beyond are safe, respected, and heard. 

One significant aspect of our work is our annual Pride Toronto Festival. We proudly showcase Toronto worldwide with diversity, inclusion, and vibrant creativity through a free and accessible festival. 

But Pride Toronto is more than just a festival; we are a protest. We build and connect the community and amplify voices. As an organization, we recognize the importance of being present throughout the year. We also conduct human rights advocacy for our communities, offer education training sessions, and provide funds and accessibility resources to support small-scale 2SLGBTQI+ events in First Nations Reserves and the Global South. 

Help us support our communities in pursuing their absolute human rights to be known, heard, understood, accepted, respected, and celebrated for the beauty of who we are. 

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What Your Donation Supports

When you donate to Pride Toronto, your donation helps…

  •  Keep our annual festival free and accessible for all to enjoy.
  • Promote representation and inclusion at our festival.
  • Support community Pride events across First Nations Reserves and the Global South.
  • Support Pride Toronto’s advocacy and education initiatives and events 365 days of the year.

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Donate Now

Pride Toronto relies on community donations to be able to produce the second largest Pride Festival in Canada. Donate today!

Monthly Giving

Pride isn’t just a month. Your donations help to be active in the community year round. Please sign up now to help make a difference today

Read Pride Toronto’s Donations Terms and Conditions.

Other Ways to Help

Host a Third-Party Fundraiser

Pride Toronto welcomes local community groups, businesses, individuals and others who wish to host fundraising events (“Third-Party Fundraising”), where all or a portion of the proceeds go to Pride Toronto. Third-Party Fundraising is an incredibly effective – and fun! – way to support the 2SLGBTQI+ communities of our city and beyond. 

Gifts In-kind

Gifts in kind are used to support several initiatives and organizations. We are grateful for all in-kind opportunities. Please get in touch with Pride Toronto’s Grant and Fund Development Manager at hannah@pridetoronto.com for more information.


Pride Toronto has developed a platform where our community can be their authentic selves, where allies can show their support, and where we demonstrate the true diversity of the great city of Toronto. We strive to create a comprehensive benefits package that will deliver real value to your brand and your company’s strategic objectives. We prioritize creating authentic partnerships with our sponsors while ensuring our communities are safe, represented, and have a genuinely rewarding experience. We invite you to be a partner of Pride Toronto and make it your own.

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