Affiliate Events

Registration for Pride 2017 Affiliate Events is now open!

Pride Toronto is passionate about featuring a calendar filled with a broad array of non-profit, charitable and commercial events that support the diversity initiatives of Pride Toronto in our Pride Month calendar. Let us help to highlight your Pride event to our community!

What are Affiliate Events?

Affiliate Events are events that occur during Pride Month (June 1 – June 24, 2017), produced externally to Pride Toronto, which align with our mission, vision and values. Through the Affiliate Event program, Pride Toronto highlights, supports and offers exposure for a wider range of community and commercial events through our marketing materials and branding. Over the last five years, the Affiliate Event program has grown substantially to promote a wide range of events to our community. In 2016, Pride Toronto promoted over 70 Affiliate Events within and extending beyond the GTA, ranging from community activities to dance parties, from health and sporting events to art performances.

What are the benefits of registering as a Pride Toronto Affiliate Event?

Events registered in the Affiliate Events Program can access the benefits of inclusion within the Pride Month calendar, along with a variety of Pride Toronto promotional tools (such as the Pride Guide) to make the information accessible to a large audience of potential attendees. Affiliate Events are given access to Pride Toronto branding, through usage of the Pride Toronto Affiliate Event logo.

Questions or concerns? Email: [email protected]

Registration Deadlines

Main Deadline: May 6, 2017
NOTE: Registrations after this date will NOT appear in the Pride Guide.

Late Registrations: May 30, 2017 
NOTE: Online promotion only. Registrations may still be accepted after May 30, however online listing may be delayed.

Affiliate Event Pricing

Package Includes:

  • Use of Pride Toronto Affiliate Logo
  • Event listing on Pride website
  • Event listing Pride Guide^

Package Price*:

  • Non-Profit Community Groups – $50 per event
  • For-Profit Community Groups – $150 per event

*All prices exclude HST.
^Event holders must register in advance of final proof date of Pride Guide for inclusion

Eligibility Requirements

Events interested in applying to the Affiliate Events Program must:

  • Event must occur during Pride month (June 1 – June 25, 2017)
  • Full completion of the event application and event details form, with payment of the registration fee
  • Agree to Pride Toronto Terms & Conditions, and Pride Toronto Logo Usage & Guidelines
  • Provide a Certificate of Insurance (General Liability) demonstrating coverage ($2,000,000 minimum) with Pride Toronto named as an Additional Insured – Please email a copy of your policy by May 15, 2017