Annual Report

In 2018 Pride Toronto surpassed its own goals for achieving a festival that both resonated personally while attracting huge audiences online, on tv, and on radio, we dominated local media. Pride Toronto grew considerably in 2018, we extended our footprint by 1 KM, added more marketplace space, more stages and introduced (for the first time in the Province) drinking on the street.
Some highlights include increased attendance by over 500,000 people, from 2.1 million in 2017 to 2.6 million in 2018. In addition, just over 47 million people all over the world engaged with us through our social media platforms.
 What we are most proud of is why people come; they care about supporting the LGBTQ+ community.  Our overnight visitors come to this city just for Pride Toronto. Their participation in our festival contributes 681 million to Ontario’s GDP and 270 million in tax revenues.  We demonstrate that you can create an event that both makes positive contributions to the notion of inclusivity and support a strong and healthy economy.
We are continually striving to offer new and exciting elements to our festival, our satisfaction levels will tell you that we do not disappoint. We offer the festival goer an experience they come back for again and again. We look forward to our journey together through 2019.

Other Reports

Economic Impact Report

This report summarizes the Economic Impact Study results, conducted during the Pride Toronto Festival 2018, prepared by Ipsos and Prism Economics and Analysis.

Financial Report

The professional audited financial statement for the fiscal year ending July 31, 2018.