Artist Spotlight: Allie & Sam

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This month, Pride Toronto looked at all things that bring us light and love, and how to embrace healing in these crazy times.

We gave you our top tips for approaching everything you do with sunlight, and broke down how your life will change once you start living your truth. March is the perfect time to start looking towards the light – spring is just around the corner hennys!

To wrap up our month of sunlight and healing, we got to chat to the gorgeous Allie & Sam! This fierce femme lesbian couple from Halifax, Nova Scotia, are little rays of sunshine that you can’t help but feel uplifted by. Their blog, Coastal Curiosity, is a celebration of all things happy, queer, and beautiful.

So how do these gorgeous ladies approach their lives with sunlight and happiness?

Pride Toronto had the chance to ask them a couple of questions about their #blessed love and how we can bring a little bit of their joy into our own lives. Read on to find out more!

Collage of allie and sam from halifax for pride toronto

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us! First up, how did you two meet?

We actually met on Tinder! Such a modern love story! We matched and I messaged Sam a few minutes later, and we met that weekend!

A Tinder success story! Just looking at your blog, it’s clear you two are so full of light and love. What would you say brings you joy and happiness the most? Where is your happy place?

Honestly, we are both most happy when we’re at home, snuggling the pets, eating junk food and watching a true crime show. That’s paradise right there! We also love getting creative, taking photos, reading, and travelling. But no matter what we do, if we’re together, we’re happy!

That sounds like perfection! Coastal Curiosity is such an uplifting corner of the internet, which can be hard to find these days. Do you have any tips for remaining positive and happy during difficult times?

 Allie & Sam

We are huge huge believers in a positive attitude, and try to bring that into play even when things aren’t going as planned. Our biggest tip for remaining positive would be focusing on things you’re grateful for, and all of the blessings in your life! Making the most of what you have, instead of focusing on what you lack.

What a beautiful sentiment! In March, we talked about healing and how coming out into the light can change your life for the better. Do you have a particular experience in your life that stands out as a healing moment? How did you approach it?


For me (Sam), it was coming out. I was hiding it for so long, that it started to affect my daily life, and my relationships with those around me. It took a me along time to get the courage to tell anyone, but once I began to tell the truth, everything got so much easier. Now, I keep that with me at all times – it’s not always easy to be truthful, in lots of situations, but it’s way better than hiding or lying!

We couldn’t agree more! We can also see you both love to travel. Where has been the place you have visited that made you the happiest?

Australia or California – for sure! But, really, we love going anywhere as long as we’re together!

Both stunning sunny destinations! On the topic of happy places, congratulations on your engagement! Do you have any plans on how to bring light and love to your wedding day?

Allie & Sam- wedding day

Thank you! We are trying to keep the focus on what really matters: love. We want the weekend to be a fun and laid back experience for everyone, so we are having an unplugged wedding – no phones, and lots of face to face time!

Even though the planning can be stressful, we keep coming back to the real reason for the day, and that’s celebrating that we’ve found one another, and celebrating our family and friends for their constant support!


We’re sure that will be a perfect day! We’ll keep an eye out for our invites! With everything that is happening around the world, we have never had to pull together more in our community than now. What does Pride mean to you?

Pride means celebrating our own love, but also the courage and strength of those who paved the way before us! It can be hard to be gay today, but really, we have it easy in comparison to other parts of the world and those who were gay years ago! This is a time to be proud of everyone who has taken steps to make equality the norm!

Preach it, gurl! Thank you so much for taking the time to give us a little bit of your light and love, it’s been a pleasure!

Allie & Sam are the perfect way to wrap up our month of healing and sunlight. Pride Toronto is all about celebrating our truths and living out and proud, whatever that means to you! Do you have a tip for bringing a little bit of happiness into your day? Let us know in the comments below!

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