How To Approach Everything You Do With Sunlight

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In the lead up to Pride Toronto 2019, we are exploring what each of the colours on our beautiful rainbow flag mean and how we can apply these things to our daily lives.

Not many people know that each colour in the Pride flag actually has a specific meaning attached to them, indicating a different aspect of our fabulous queer community. In March, we are looking at both yellow and orange, which are sunlight and healing respectively.

Sunlight symbolises life, truth, positive energy, and all things generally worth celebrating. While sunlight is an essential part of our lives, sometimes it can be hard to let its positive vibes flow through you.

So how can you approach everything in your life with a bit of positivity?

We have put together this ultimate guide to maximizing your own light and shining out on everyone around you. Read on to find out how to become your own personal sun!

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Start the day right

Starting the day off on a positive note is super important to setting yourself up for an amazing day.

We know, we know, we hate mornings too. Here at Pride Toronto, we understand the pain of having to struggle out of your comfy bed and beat your face to become the professional kween you are can be a drag (sometimes literally, right Ru?). However, if you make a few little tweaks to your morning routine, you can turn the light up to eleven and slay your day.

Try getting up just ten minutes earlier every day and spend that time doing some stretches. As you sleep, you can tense up, so stretching out your hamstrings, back, arms, and legs, can leave you feeling reinvigorated for the day to come. Keep that pump going in the shower by listening to some uplifting tunes while you lather up. Think ABBA, Chaka Khan, Madonna, or anything that brings a smile to your face. Cap it all off with as much natural sunlight on your commute to work as possible and you’ll be bringing it to the runway all day, every day.

Stop and smell the roses

Hands raised manMindfulness is the buzzword du jour when it comes to selfcare, but it’s definitely worth paying attention to if you’re looking to bring some light into your life.

Mindfulness is the practice of training your mind to only focus on the present. Whether that is your current environment, your physical sensations, emotional state, or an activity, it encourages us to focus on the now instead of the “what if”.

This can help us appreciate all the things that we sometimes take for granted that actually bring us great happiness when we stop and think about it.

So stop and smell the roses on those little pleasures in life; that first sip of coffee in the morning, the buttery crunch of a croissant, sleeping in on a Sunday, securing your tickets for the next Pride Toronto party. Take joy in all these little things and it can make you appreciate that life isn’t all hard work, there is actually light and beauty in the every day as well.

Give worry the flick

If you want to bring a little happiness and joy to your day, it’s time to tell worry to sashay away.

Worrying is one of the things many of us struggle with on a daily basis, and it is also one of the biggest wastes of mental and physical energy out there. Being anxious or nervous about things outside of your control, or that don’t actually warrant being concerned over, is just an easy way to get early wrinkles and stress eat that entire bag of Chicago mix popcorn.

Next time you notice yourself stressing out, stop and think about what you are actually worrying about. Is it something you can control? Does it matter? Would Marie Kondo ask you to throw it away because it doesn’t spark joy? Most of the time you will realise it’s not worth the effort, so stop that runaway train of negative energy and focus on your light.

Man standing next to sunflowers for pride toronto

Surround yourself with happy people

Humans are highly social creatures that are directly influenced by the emotions of the people around them, which is why it is so important to surround yourself with positive people.

As members of the queer community, we are sometimes gifted the opportunity to choose our families. This is the perfect opportunity to fill your squad with people that lift you up and fill you with joy. Everyone loves to spill the tea, but having so called “friends” that do that behind your back or do that non-stop about other people is a quick way to feeling down. Find people that allow you to shine and you’ll be unstoppable!

Live your truth

Being true to yourself and honest about who you are is a major source of light and love you can bring into your life.

Something that many of us in the queer community have probably faced at some point in our lives is hiding who we really are. When you are in the closet, you have to pretend to be something you aren’t, from the way you act to how you speak. This can be exhausting, draining you of any positivity you might have and dimming your light from within.

While coming out and living your truth might not be safe for everyone to do in their situations, finding safe spaces where you can be yourself is essential in stoking your internal light and building your happiness. Check out your local Queer Space at university, do a quick search for community groups in your area, or connect with people (carefully) on dating apps. Once you find a space you can be yourself, you’ll notice an instant boost in happiness, confidence and positivity that can’t help but spill over into other areas of your life.

This March, look to how you can bring a little light and love into your day to day. Celebrate what that yellow stripe means and bring those positive vibes to everything you do. Pride Toronto 2019 is the perfect place to let the light into your life and live your truth! Keep your eye out for the full event lineup dropping soon!

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